A medium sized middle class town in Michigan that probably has never been mentioned in the news, ever. A slightly less sad version of Pontiac in a way, which is a slightly less sad version of Detroit. Home to probably half the fake baked barbies in the state because the city only has a month of sun per year. Most of the people are one of four things. Anorexic byotch's who think they are soooo much better than these 'waterfordians' (but will probably get byotch-slapped the minute they set foot anywhere else), 'people of the ghetto', people who act like they are from the ghetto, hillbillies, and people left over who actually might survive in the real world. Has two 'rival' schools. Kettering and Mott. Kettering has the better rep but Mott is a lot funner considering the frequent police visits. The school board never calls a snow day here unless they are actually frozen solid in which case they still won't because they...are frozen. The only thing that might encourage you to live here is...well acually it seems i cannot get an opinion because no one who lives here has ever left.
friend 1- Why is she so orange? And why is everyone here so po-dunk...and we're in Michigan?
friend 2- Cuz we're in Waterford of course.
by Ms. Quixotic January 25, 2011
A small town in southeastern Wisconsin. It contains one main road that will get you over the Fox River. Can't afford a stop light so a poilce man stands in the three way intersection to direct traffic during rush hour. There is a high school and a bowling alley and that's about it. Surrounded by rural land, Waterford can be considered a "hicktown" but basically just a small small town where everyone knows everyone's business.
"I drove through Waterford the other day"
"Oh really? How was it?"
"I blinked and the next thing you know I was out of it"
by wallythewolverine November 5, 2009
Waterford is the oldest & best city in Waterford.

It is located in the south-east of Ireland.

Waterford has served as a haven for the poor & persecuted for centuries, Vikings from Denmark, Hugenots from France, Quakers from England, & poor peasants from Kilkenny have all found refuge in Waterford.

Waterford is built on the banks of the river Suir & is world famous for its fine cut crystal, music & pubs. WIT (Waterford Institute of Technology) is the premier educational institute in the south-east of Ireland & Waterford also has the only airport in the South-East of Ireland. Waterford is renowned for its great football team WATERFORD UNITED FC & it's long heritage in hurling.

Waterford City is the ONLY CITY in the South-East of Ireland & is also famous for the SPRAOI festival in August & the tall ships fesival coming in July 2011
Look at the big cabbage heads on those eejits coming across the bridge with their stripey jerseys looking for alms from the cultured Waterford people
by LismoreLad December 17, 2010
A small town in Southeastern Connecticut consisting of the Crystal Mall, a movie theater, and a few restaurants/stores. Known for having lame parties which ALWAYS get busted because Waterford kids are lame and don't know how to party. Girls are known for being crazy, fake, bitchy, and slutty and the guys are full of themselves, potheads, and get with every girl in the same click, or any girl they can for that matter. People there are mostly middle to lower class who think they are better then the rest of the world, when they are really insecure so they feel they need to act like tough guys. Maybe the rest of southeastern CT would like them if they pulled the stick out of their asses. It is rare you will find a decent person in Waterford, but they do exist.
-Hey let's party in Waterford tonight!
-Why, so we can watch sloppy girls stand in the corner texting all night?
by EL Vikings December 3, 2010
A small town in New York. Its in Saratoga County, near Albany. Mostly scumbags, and dirty kids. Some rich people near the Halfmoon area. Its mostly famous for the canal. Every September they have a "Canal Fest" where all the kids meet up and smoke pot, while all the adults shop around. There are two schools in Waterford, Waterford Halfmoon, and St. Marys. St. Marys if full of cocky ass little kids, while Waterford is a pretty chill school. The kids in Waterford mostly think they are so cool cause they smoke, but reallly they just make themselves even more scummier. Few black kids, a ton of white kids. Its a pretty cool place to live/visit though.
"oh man, i live in Waterford, damn its so cool here besides the scumbags!"
by you are my destiny January 31, 2010
lots' o' Water .... if you like party on a boat on the lake in the summer then... iceskating, snowmobile riding in the winter...picking pumpkins in the fall and enjoy garden in the spring this is the place for you... It is somewhat by detriot like 20mins away but isnt like detriot
Alexia: where should I move i wanna be by a lake

olivia:ahh.... you should move to waterford
by a girl with the answers♥ March 17, 2009
A small town in southeastern Wisconsin.

Has the best middle school around. the teachers suck but the school is great. ( Fox River !!)

Everybody knows everybodys business.

Uncle Harrys is the best place to go around there.

In the summer everyone just walks around town for something to do because its so boring here.
Waterford Wisconsin

Hey have you been to waterford lately?

yeah. it was sooo boring

i know right
by kimbers133 February 8, 2012