5 definitions by gyaradocious

1.) When you're extra full of rage! Derived from Gyarados, "the atrocious Pokemon".
ex. 1.) Gyarados can literally make water, fire, electric, dragon, ground, psychic, dark, ice, steel, poison, and normal attacks, not to mention its sharp fangs, massive size, red eyes, stank face, the fact that it evolves from Magikarp, and has no fucking chill and will kill you instantly via lightning strike, fire blast, or tsunami..... thats quite atrocious..... gyaradoscious ex. 2.) that bitch is straight gyaradoscious before 9am.
by gyaradocious September 4, 2019
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An "informal" version of the word ganked; to get destroyed when you have the least bit of an advantage, often due to being over powered by a squad of assholes; frequently used by people who play too much Dark Souls and are fucking annoying
"YAAAAAAA JUST MADE YOU MY BITCH, YOU'RE ASS JUST GOT GONKED by all 3 of us! YOU SUCK n0o0o0b and stand NO chance! Can't wait to put this on youtube!!!!!"
by gyaradocious September 5, 2019
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When you vomit and have diarrhea simultaneously, most likely caused by food poisoning ; the 5000% most nightmarish thing that can happen to a human being.
Dining at Chipotle is straight risky business; you'll most likely end up in the bathroom bothing all over and inside the toilette and trashcan.
by gyaradocious September 4, 2019
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the feeling you get after eating a gargantuan amount of food; you may feel "fizzy" and like you may vomit, explode, and die.
I ate so much, I need to relax for a bit so I don't get all shooken up and puke.
by gyaradocious September 20, 2019
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A small taut butt that lacks curvature and doesnt jiggle.
1) The opposite of a thick big ass is a tookus.
by gyaradocious October 7, 2019
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