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(Nigeria, Lagos slang) Fuck or conduct any sexual activity above a simple kiss, e.g. hand job, head, sex, titty fuck, dry humping etc. Normally followed with request for more specific details.
I'm going to give her tonight. They where giving each other there when the teacher walked in. I gave her last night. Came here for gives but its all guys.
by Lagos Slang March 27, 2017
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One person (or more) that passes something to the other specified person/thing, usually something that the first person owns.
John: I need to buy a new bike.
Mary: I can give you mine, for free. I'm not a bad person so I won't make you pay.
John: Nice. Thanks.
by sighchotic May 28, 2017
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when you're in a conversation with someone and instead of saying owned you would just say give


if you were getting bored of someone speaking you would simply say 'give'
1: me and laura went to the park then we went to ...
2: give (walk away)
by Emileeeeeeeeee November 06, 2008
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