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A term that "the boys" use when they think they're being funny.
-"pop a chocy milk 🥶🥵"
-"pop a lung 😐"
by Trap_bunny_bubbles February 20, 2021
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When someone can twerk really well, or their ass is 10/10.
-"Dude, watch this girl do the WAP."
-"Damn. That thang is thangin'!"
-"Fr she knows what she's doing."
by Trap_bunny_bubbles October 13, 2020
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You can use this phrase as a compliment or as shade. You could say, "It's the beautiful smile for me." or you could say, "It's the crooked tooth for me."
-"Guys, let's roast each other with

'It's the _ for me.' "
-"Ight bet. It's the ugly feet for me."
-"It's the flat ass for me."
-"It's the thin lips for me."
-"Ok damn."
by Trap_bunny_bubbles October 13, 2020
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"It's not giving" refers to when something is not living up to its expectations.
"Hey sis, I just got my hair done, whatchu think?"
"Uhhh, it's not giving what it was supposed to gave sis-"
by Trap_bunny_bubbles July 8, 2021
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