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bastard (n.); short for bastard (though with a long "a" vowel sound)
Bainz is a big baste.
Roof ain't nothin' but a baste.
by wount January 27, 2020
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Crank (verb): stroke, as with a schlong; spank, such as with a monkey; lube (the chassis); beat (the cobb); wax
(tense) cranked, crankin', has cranked; "crankin' the shaft"
With big tits on my mind, I began crankin' my wang.

Since that honey wouldn't give me no trim, I cranked the shaft when I got home.
by wount November 21, 2019
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kill; normally not used to describe literal acts of killing but in the colloquial, hyberbolic tradition (kiewed, kiewing)
I am going to kiew Byrne.

I can't believe Minnesota kiewed the Huskers.

I will kiew you if you take my booze.
by wount October 27, 2019
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Third abridgment of the original term "Give it up," which semantically became "Give it," and now is often more concisely spoken "Give."

syn: c'mon, give it up, give it, ah yeah!, 's'up dawg, numba!
"Hey, Bainz, give!"

Watching the game on TV, after my 14th beer, I began to jump up and down with the gang yelling "Give!" when the Huskers scored to pull within 17.

Compton slapped ol' Swain a smooth five as he said, "C'mon 'n' give, y'all."
by wount October 1, 2019
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n: a thing (sing.), (plur. - nubbses); (amb.) a name to call another, though because it is neither positive nor negative, the target of the name-calling is rarely offended, which is why the moniker is most often used among friends
Upon seeing him enter the room, Richards approached Byrne, patted his shoulder welcomingly and said, "Hey, nubbs."

Bainz said the restaurant was a nubbs.
by wount September 20, 2019
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