bag = a small bag the size of your pinky nail or smaller for 10-25$
by barry October 18, 2003
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10 bags of heroin. 5 bundles are in a brick. Bundles are sold anywhere from $70 to $80.
Person:"Yo, you got any dope, man?"
Dealer:"Yeah, how much you need?"
Person:"I'm looking for a bundle."
by Steph O'Cide September 12, 2006
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A unwrapped stack of $50's or $100 bills, amounting to either $5,000 or $10,000, like what you would see in a bank vault, with the paper label still wrapped around the center of the stack of bills. Breaking the center wrapping paper does not make the term bundle invalid, but the act of pulling one bill out and restacking it, no longer makes it a bundle, it is now considered a stack.

One bundle is usually $10,000, or 100 $100 bills.

Half a bundle is $5,000, or 100 $50 bills.

Sources: professional poker, those who roll with lots of cash on hand.
I usually keep one bundle on my person, or $10,000.
by rugwall June 24, 2013
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An endless mess of camping essentials (luggage, tents, sleeping bags, chairs, etc.) piled in the middle of a huge tarp, haphazardly harnessed together, and strapped to the top of your friend's mom's station wagon.
There's no way we're getting that heavy-ass bundle onto your mom's car, dude.
by M. Gordy June 1, 2011
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A term used by cell phone and insurance companies to describe a combination of services they may offer.
The salesman convinced me to bundle my home phone and wireless services.
by Tfergz December 2, 2012
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An activity done in bed that only Chris and Kali do.
Sean is extremely jealous that Kali only bundles with Chris.
by Kalilovesmemore September 29, 2011
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