A general amplifier word. It implies that something has surpassed what could be considered standard or normal. Can be used as an adjective, an adverb, or a qualifier.

First recorded use was in Southeastern Ontario c. 2015.
"That exam was absolutely giga."

"I'm giga fucked for this date."

"There were giga mans tryna get Pita, I couldn't wait."
by MatthiasG November 12, 2017
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A dino that literally takes a million tranqs to knock out and is fast as hell.
guy one: I'm taming a giga

guy two: awesome
guy one: oh shit I used all my tranqs

guy one: *dies*
by zBADVIBESx March 18, 2020
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A name given to males that do unexpected things in good ways that can change entire peoples lives.
Sigma: Dude, Giga just saved New Guinea from being struck with a meteor.

Alpha: He will always be the Giga.
by PizzaGuy2711 October 18, 2023
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Cigs, Stoges, Stokkks-(in Hebrew)
Yosh-Give Me a Giga
Brandon-Damn it
by IM'A'GE March 28, 2009
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A Dinosaur in the game "Ark: Survival Evolved" called the Gigantosaurus or "Giga" which as this is posted is the "Meta" and many players carry them around in a item called a "Cryopod" and they call it a "Pocket Giga"
Gamer 1: "Damn this guy is really bad..."

by Posts: August 18, 2019
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a sweet girl, very fun, loves to dance and always is laughing, has a unique sense of style, always making people happy and always telling them they look good and beautiful, is beautiful herself her hair is everything she’s a goddess and has smile made of gold, her eyebrows are everything. ( also doesn’t share anything) swears a lot, smiles alottt, been thru hell and back, strong leader, awesome ball player😍
Damnnnn is that Giga
by Manstealer09 September 24, 2018
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Prefix meaning "billion" (10^9).
Gigameter = 1 billion meters.
Gigawatt = 1 billion watts.
Gigajoule = 1 billion joules.
Gigaemo = 1 billion emos(what a shame).
Gigashit = 1 fuckload of shit.
by SgtGunneryHartman April 2, 2005
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