A part of Connecticut home to the craziest white kids you will ever meet. From Westbrook to Rhode Island border it is the birthplace of the meanest white trash crazy killers you will ever see. Usually age 12-22. Also known for New London and Groton. Home to black men who try to act like they're from the hood even though they just live in a middle class predominately black/Hispanic area.
Southeastern Connecticut is crazy
by Adam9321B January 15, 2015
A private research university in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was formed by the merger of Nova University of Advanced Technology and the Southeastern University of Health Sciences. It is classified as a first-tier research university by the Florida Legislature. It has the only colleges of optometry and dental medicine in South Florida. It is considered one of the most diverse colleges in America.
I attend Nova Southeastern University.
by GilGam1 April 23, 2010
A really nice University with an equally nicely funded student body. Not only is our campus stunning, check out the students. A typical Nova student is white, tan, blonde, rocking Prada sunglasses, a Gucci belt, and Birkenstocks and a polo. Some of the richest kids around the country, even more so around the world. Some of the wealthiest offspring in the world come here to Nova, representing over 90 countries and 50 states. Everyone comes from money, and they make sure you know it, too. Kids drive the most absurd cars, BMW’s, Audi’s, Caddy’s, Mercedes, Bentley’s, Maserati’s, Ferrari’s you name it. Everyone has either a yacht, private jet, a condo or beach house in Deerfield or Palm Beach or another house in Connecticut , New York or some Caribbean Island. Nova life is like living on an exclusive resort or country club. Where else can you sit in a hammock under a palm tree by the side of one of the lakes on campus? A typical day at Nova would consist of waking up so the housekeepers can clean the dorms, go shopping with mommy or daddy’s AMEX, drink an excessive amount of alcohol, and party all night in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas or South Beach.
Nova Southeastern University President is sometimes chaufferd in a Phantom.
by nsu2011 February 10, 2011
An ironic expression used by Southern males to express disbelief in or mild condemnation of some else's attitudes or behavior, supposedly drawing on some stereotypes of Southerners. (This expression possibly originated with Lewis Grizzard, a most excellent American humorist and commentator.)
Billy Bob eats strawberry Moon Pies and drinks Pepsi; only someone who doesn't love the Lord and Southeastern Conference football would do that.
by Duckbutt November 4, 2005
American college football term for a small, barely heard of college who is matched up against one of the top teams in FBS and has an exactly 0% chance of beating them.

Also can be used as a derogative term for any random college nobody knows.

Shortened form of the college is “SEASTCB&D” (Pronounced: “CEASED-kuh-band”) if you’re too lazy to say 17 syllables.
Mike: “We’ll need Alabama to lose a game soon if we’re gonna have any shot at winning the division. Who are they playing against this weekend?”

Jeff: *google search* … “Something called Southeastern Alaska State Technical College of the Blind and Deaf”.

Mike: “What’s the point spread? 222.5?”

Jeff: “Maybe if Bama puts in the waterboys, but I guess I’ll be rooting for the… *checks phone*… Abominable Snowmen… out of mere desperation.”

Mike: “Looks like we’re on the SEASTCB&D-wagon this Saturday at noon!”

Jeff: “This will totally be worth three hours of my weekend!”
by K. C. Austin August 13, 2022