Refers to a single person or group of people who are juggernauts at an outdoor sport such as fishing or hunting.
That qualifier always catches fish for his girlfriend; he is so providing.
by WolfgangT July 12, 2010
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well hung; posessing a large penis
I saw Dan out on the track today and he looks pretty qualified.
by dcoy February 17, 2009
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To be used for males or females. When you come across that one person; above all that can get it. Ergo, you would fuck the shit out of them.
Mark: ayo my dude? You see shorty in da blue?

Rob: HELL YEA!!! She badd as a bitch.

Mark: oh yea. She QUALIFY....for wut we call....THE DICK!!!
by D*Nyce* October 27, 2008
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A bizarre policy which prevents police officers from being held accountable when they violate somebody's rights
A cop pulls somebody over for a broken tail light and ends up shooting them.The cop claims he thought their cell phone or whatever was a gun. the victims family might sue the police department in which case any settlement would be paid with tax dollars but because of qualified immunity the police officer can't be personally sued.
by Just_sayin' May 30, 2021
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When the police take qualified immunity MANY steps to far in the oppression and murder of black citizens.
Derek Chavin is the embodiment of actions made under the racist oppressive ethos of qualified impunity.
by mshaler June 23, 2020
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Good neighbor's, people next door that don't annoy you.
So far in my area everyone is neighbor qualified.
by jpg3 February 2, 2015
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Someone who believes they are qualified or an expert in a particular field because they have watched a large number of YouTube videos on the subject. Usually relating to automotive repairs but can apply to more advanced fields like rocket science or brain surgery (with less success!)
Dave: I can't afford to get my car fixed
John: You should talk to Mike
Dave: Is he a Mechanic?
John: Yeah, he is YouTube Qualified
by S I M E February 28, 2020
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