When a defibrillator fires during shaggin' and the electrical pulse is transmitted to the partner.
Stephen was shaggin' away when all of a sudden his wife received a joules.
by Cheap Shot 4U August 22, 2008
The avoidance of using the Joule as a unit of energy. Sometimes used equivocally, especially in the United States, in describing a strong preference for the use of the calorie. Specifically, Joule Misanthropy refers to those who castigate or otherwise judge humans who do express energy as joules. Joule Misanthropists are known as being particularly intransigent in their anti-joule stance.

This inclination and its relatively widespread popularity are thought to have been originated by those who opposed the popularity of James Prescott Joule. This movement probably began after Joule famously spurned William Thomson (later Lord Kelvin); the two had planned an experiment together, which Joule then neglected in favor of marriage and a honeymoon. Although essentially left standing at the flask, Lord Kelvin understood and offered his congratulations to the happy couple. However, Kelvin supporters were enraged and began an anti-Joule campaign. This caught hold particularly in the Americas, probably due the residual anti-English sentiment of the time.

Formally, Joule Misanthropy is defined as the the use of a unit of energy other than the joule in a context in which the use of said unit would generally be considered illogical or not practical. For example, expressing the energy required by a human to lift a small object in electronvolts would constitute Joule Misanthropy.
"Hey, I heard Patty was accepted to that prestigious US institution!"

"Yes, but he has decided not to attend due to the widespread Joule Misanthropy there."

"That's a shame. I can't believe people can still be so small minded in the 21st century."
by Big Diggity February 19, 2015
God, Supreme Being of religion Joulism.
Can be found wondering around Planet Earth in one of her reincarnated forms, or in the heaven, known as Oopsilon
Are you going to pray to Frau Joules today?
by fraujoules April 1, 2021
Someone who steals your energy by talking absolute shit. Thus draining your energy. Thus stealing your joules
Someone who steals your energy by talking absolute shit. Thus draining your energy. Thus stealing your joules. Joule Theif
by pra ra ra April 18, 2020
a person who charges their electronics at some place other than their place of residence
"Old Butters always charges his phone when he comes over"
"yes he is quite a joule thief"
by goombotz August 18, 2009
Joule's can mean whatever you want it to mean. Can be changed in form to be an adjective, noun, verb, or adverb.
Hey nigga jj go get me a joule`s out the fridge we bout to get crunk!
by B.A.L.L.S. April 6, 2008
the best god damn beer on the planet...tastes great..its smooth for skullin and to top it off it low in joules...hellllllll yer.
by luco October 20, 2003