A sexual escapade involving a couple and another guy. The couple is doing it doggy style against a window on the ground floor of a building. The boyfriend has to be thrusting at a certain rhythm. Then, after a few minutes, he tells the girl to hold on a second and switches with the other guy, who pumps at the same rhythm. The girl has no idea someone else is fucking her. Then her boyfriend puts on his clothes and quickly runs outside, to the window where he waves at his girlfriend. The bitch is scared shitless.
Thaddeus: I'm feelin' kinky tonight, let's do it against this window where everyone can see.
Shaniqua: Alright baby
Thaddeus&Mark: Heheh we gonna ghost this bitch

...5 minutes later...
Shaniqua: Ooooh baby, the rhythmic pattern to which you are currently penetrating me is delectable! Please continue!
Thaddeus: Oh yeah...hold on a minute girl... *switches with Mark*
Shaniqua: Yessss...30bps, just how I like it

Thaddeus: *waving* Hey baby
Shaniqua: Hey boy--OH MY FUCKING GOD *collapses*
Mark: Oh SHIT, she just had a heart attack
Thaddeus: Oh SHIT ghosting is some dangerous shit
Mark: Oh snap, I think yo' bitch is dead!
Thaddeus: Oh fuck...
Mark: 30 bps good for you too?
Thaddeus: Lez get it on...
by Thaddeus Selvaratnam February 22, 2008
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During sex - doggystyle - switch with a friend at the point of climax, but without allowing the girl to realise. For ghosting to take full effect, ensure that the girl is positioned against a first floor window, looking out. After the switch, run down and wave through the window. Then simply enjoy her reaction to 'seeing a ghost'.
"Hey Olly, that ghosting session last night was wild."
"Yeah, until she tore off my testicle."
by The King... February 06, 2008
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Sensual use of a pottery wheel with one's lover, be they alive or dead.
"I had this amazing dream last night that I was ghosting with Patrick Swayze."
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by deadswayze July 26, 2017
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A common dating problem, that women typically are allowed to get away with and men get scolded for in social circles.
"So how was your date with Sheila?"
"Oh... shes ghosting me after our last hookup. She's still a girl, not yet a woman; not my type anyway."
by iOneIndividual October 11, 2017
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Disappearing from a party, late night, without telling anyone where the hell you're going.
Sami went ghosting, yet AGAIN???!!!!

Sami, where are you? I think she ghosted!!!

Sami went ghosting, it's 4 a.m. and this random guy is sleeping in my bed!!!!
by RedSoxChic August 01, 2006
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(noun) ghost-ing
The act of cutting off communication with friends/family or a love interest in a way that makes you a total bitch. Ghosting often happens online and involves ignoring messages, not responding to invites and making everyone hate you while complaining about how everyone hates you.

Also see ‘how to lose all your friends’
If you’re ghosting me don’t complain about being left out. Don’t be a cunt.
by uisacoldfacedbitch March 06, 2018
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