The act of logging onto the social chatting program Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and setting your status as offline. This allows you to converse with only the select people you want, and prevents you from being talk-attacked by every single person on your contact list, or being bothered in general.
Delia - Hey Jerry, did Dave talk to you last night on MSN?
Jerry - No, he wasn't on.
Delia - Yes he was, he was just ghosting.
Jerry - Damn! He needs to stop doing that to me.
by T-dawger February 4, 2010
A soccer term created by Brian Dunseth in 2011. The term describes a player switching into Stealth Mode and disappearing behind a defender.

This term can also refer to any type of sneak attack on a fellow human being.
Brian: Here he goes here, ghosting into the box, right there. Just ghosting right in.
by Joey Mackswell Lewis August 30, 2011
The act of fully covering someone in cum. Similar to bukkake party.
Jim: Haven't had sex in a while... i'll probably be ghosting her all night.
by Gabriel Don't Care August 31, 2017
The act of taking your bitmoji off of snap maps to stealthily jack off, with no one knowing.
Guy 1:Yo, where's caden's bitmoji?
Guy 2:You know he's ghosting bro.
by kobra.bean June 27, 2017
The art of attending a con, but not paying for a ticket, and just hanging around outside the areas you need a pass to get into.
Also defined as Loserconning
The art of attending a con, but not paying for a ticket, and just hanging around outside the areas you need a pass to get into.
Person A: I wanna go to that con, but I'm broke af

Person B: No worries, me and some peeps are ghosting it this year
by Equinsu ocha April 20, 2019
Ghosting is a sport, sometimes described as a paradox, first devised by an Indian dental student. The scenario presents an individual's ability to be metaphysically present and absent in two frames of reference, simultaneously. In the events, one cannot determine with confidence whether one satisfies or nullifies the other. Both events are deemed to be true and witnesses remain in oblivion.
Example 1
Guy 1: where's jay gone?
Guy 2: oh he's ghosting again.

Example 2
Jayant woodeyar has been ghosting his way through dmd.
by Ghost rider September 12, 2014
The act of hiding from specific people online via instant messanger while being online. Your buddy bar that other people view show that you are not currently online but really just ghosting.
Dude how did you just message me? Oh I am ghosting from Ryan, I don't want to go with him surfing this weekend.
by Dpeezy September 19, 2006