The act of suddenly ceasing all communication, particularly electronic communication with a specific person, and it usually involves the "ghoster" completely blocking electronically the "ghostee" from being able to communicate with them. The "ghoster" usually does this to the person that they are dating and/or romantically involved with, but no longer wishes to either date and/or be romantically involved with. Ghosting is done in hopes that the ghostee will just "get the hint" (i.e tick tock) and leave the ghoster alone, as opposed to the "ghoster" communicating their true feelings in a manner akin to an adult. Ghosting is not specific to a certain gender (although females engage in the behavior more than males) and is closely related to the subject's maturity, communication and ability to deal with conflict skills.

Ghosting is the providence of emotional, behavioral and situational cowards. Ghosting is the operative, almost default behavior of choice for conflict avoidant/conflict adverse/self-absorbed/self-centered/selfish people because it is easier to "ghost" than to deal with conflict. It is easier to blow someone off than to do introspection. Whoa, that's way too scary for ghosters.
Lisa has blocked me on both Facebook and WhatsApp and all my calls go directly to voice mail. I think she's ghosting me because we have not spoken in a week.
by Gh0stFaceKilla May 30, 2018
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V. To Ghost. The action of not attending a specific date, situation or function when it was previously decided that it would be attended. To duck out or to bail from the situation.
When John Smith failed to show up for classes that day, his classmates reffered to him as Ghosting that day.
by T0m0HAwK December 05, 2010
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The art of carrying on with your routines throughout the day without actually paying attention to what is going on around you, as if you're floating through the day. e.g, other people, conversations, distractions.
"Holy sh*t! Did you see that fat bitch trip up the curb? Hilarious!"

"...huh? Sorry man I was ghosting"
by yesirichards September 09, 2011
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One of many modern online drama queen terms to describe someone thats removed them selves from you on the net, completely. This type of thing doesnt deserve a name - It used to get by quite well being called 'ignoring' - so its a type of 'softspeak' for those that cant bear the thought that they are irritating and therefore the other person doesnt want to bother.
'like.. omg... he like ghosting me like totally, omg'

'perhaps its because youre a c**t'
by tom healey September 06, 2016
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A glitch in an application or environment, where the text displayed is not the text being edited.
Vi is prone to Ghosting.
by Robert A. August 12, 2004
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the act of "ghosting" is where you blast rap in your car, i mean really blast it so all the hoes can hear it, then shift your car into drive, and open the door. You then stand outside of the car, with your hand on the wheel, so that you are walking with your car as it is blasting rap. this is done in a crowded party scene and/or parking lot. obviously, do it on a flat surface and not a hill so it dont roll away. anyone who pulls this move is the ghettoest motherfucker out there.
by j-crime April 15, 2006
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When you have sex with a very pale woman
Greg is into ghosting and tammy too.
by orca sniffer May 10, 2016
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