when you take a shit so massive and with such velocity behind it that it forces itself to "disappear" down the toilet tube upon hitting the water, prompting a confused state when you look into the bowl and find it nowhere to be seen
Thomas knew he had a fiber-rich diet and felt it come out but, upon further investigation, didn't see what happened to the log he had produced. He was clearly a victim of his own ghosting.
by bottomboy tj February 06, 2017
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Ghosting, or "to ghost" is The act of one or more dead players spectating an alive enemy player, with the intent of revealing his or her actions or location to their alive comrades, giving them an unfair situational advantage. This is achieved usually through a voice chat program, such as Ventrillo, or an IRC client.

Ghosting may also be referred to as as "Venting" in popular games like Counter-Strike. The term derives from the most popular method of ghosting in Counter-Strike, which is to use the program Ventrillo, "venting" is short for "ventrillo-ing" meaning Using Ventrillo to ghost
"WTF? that douche nozzle is totally ghosting with one of this friends. He was shooting at me, before he even saw me and he seems to know every location of our teammates!"

"Wow, this guy is predicting the future......I think he might be Venting with his guild"
by mr,x July 24, 2006
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To take a hit off a joint, bong, pipe, etc. and hold it in so long that when you go to exhale no smoke comes out. Doing this a lot during a sesion w/ big hits is bound to get you stoned off your ass.
I ripped my bong and held it in so long that I ended up ghosting that shit.
by Fuzzman June 28, 2007
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Something that immature little boys do to girls when they're too cowardly to say they're no longer interested. This results in the boy feeling great he got away so easily without any "drama" but leaves the girl with an inordinate amount of pain, anxiety and over-thinking about what the hell she did/said/texted wrong.

A phenomena made popular in modern society with the more disposable forms of communication such as text messages thereby removing the ghosted from any culpability or having to deal with a real face to face response.
Hey did you hear from Rick since your last date??

Rick? Oh you mean Casper! He's been ghosting me since Saturday - disappeared without a trace!
by Ghosthunter10 April 08, 2016
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v. to ghost.

following behind someone without being detected. usually provides endless laughs. game invented by hamish and andy 2008.
"ghost him"
"that game of ghosting was fun yesterday"
by alpedo May 23, 2008
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Ghosting is a verb that requires no action. A noun for nobodys. And an adjective most suitable when describing a person that is rude and lacking courage.

When one is ghosting another they abruptly and unexpectedly stop communication. The ghoster may have legitimate reason to stop communication but lacks the courage to share with the ghostee what those reasons are. And probably the more common cause of ghosting within the dating community the ghoster and "roommate" were able to smooth things over. Ghoster figures the cost of good laughs, good sex was far less than the cost of child support. Ghoster does not wish to be honest & forthcoming concerning details of ones life. The ghoster can show interest, seem infatuated and just one day later show no interest, no reply to text/calls, selecting ignore so notifications will not be received from said ghostee. From a ghostees perspective there are now questions unanswered and in a quest to find answers ghostee will send at least one more message just in case there had been no ghosting at all. Surely ghosters phone had accidentally been submerged in water during last weekends fishing excursions. And surely ghoster was able to replace it by now. When still no reply is received ghostee sends a passive "take care" message and excepts the relationship is dead!!

ghoster should be treated as if they no longer exist if they try and spark up conversation or relationship in the future.
Tiffany was really suprised her sister would not reply to messages completely ghosting her.

jesse had never been ghosted by a love interest before and was very bewildered by the feeling she felt when her text went unanswered
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This occurs when a person goes "offline" on Facebook but continues to creep and look at pictures.
H: I saw you updated your status.

K: How? You weren't online.

H: I was ghosting..

K: Creeper!
by CrossCountryFool15 August 11, 2010
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