Hiba's are very beautiful and are charming people. Hiba's are usually very creative and think outside the box. They are kind, beautiful, and usually have stunning eyes. Hiba's make amazing girlfriends and are very loyal. Hiba's aren't easy to find in this world because this type of person is usually very rare. If you every find yourself a Hiba, keep them. Hiba's put others before themselves. And won't stop until you are satisfied with yourself. No matter how broken they are, they will always try to make you happier.
"Wow man, I think you just found yourself a Hiba"
by wowlookatyougooo July 7, 2017
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Hiba is the prettiest name ever. It means gift from god. Girls with this name are very beautiful, kind and loves to see the best part in life. They are really friendly and you can easilly talk to them, they are not judgemental at all and they are very intelligentes and nice. The girls with the name hiba will road the world someday.
A:omg, dude did you see hiba?
B:she is so beatiful.

A:i'll be so lucky if she talked to me.
by Selenatundeer November 27, 2019
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Hiba is a beautiful, stunning, sweet girl. She’s always there for her friends and does whatever it takes to make her family and friends happy. She’s gorgeous and people usually look up to Hiba’s as they’re so gentle and caring. She’s also the type to be liked by a number of boys.. guys love a girl with both amazing personality and looks and that’s exactly who Hiba is! Any Hiba is a good buddy.. I envy you if u have a bestie like her😘
Mark: There’s Hiba look!

John: you’re right! Let’s go talk to her
Mark: Idk g, she’s got a man

John: Nah it’s cool she can have mates

Mark: yeah she already got lots
John: damn she’s a stunner tho, wish she was mine

Mark: haha sme ;)
by Jessica James Darling October 29, 2019
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Hiba is an awkward but nice girl! She's overall a nice girl and very inclusive. She can be quiet but when you get to know her, she's very loud and nice. She isn't really involved in drama but she can be feisty. She's insecure and doesn't see much good in herself but she is quite smart and creative. You often see her running around in playgrounds, dragging around her friends.
by May 25, 2021
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A beautiful girl, usually of Middle Eastern roots, who is truly a gift from God. Empathetic, charming, and kind. Strong willed and very strong in her beliefs. Lives for love and loves life. She is lovely all around, she is God's gift to mankind.

She's so sweet, of course she's a Hiba!
by Andrew88 Evans February 5, 2009
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An awesome person, who is always there for friends and family. Easy to get along with and be on good terms with, because of their fun-loving nature and overall sweet and kind attitude. A really chill person, who doesnt pick fights, but will take somebody down in a minute if they are messing with her, or her friends. Don't mess with them, because they can kick ass. Very pretty and smart, but also daring and adventurous, any Hiba will be a great buddy.

On a scale of 1-5 of awesome-ness, they're always an 8 :)
Chick A: Hey look, there's Hiba.
Chick B: Oh, cool! Lets go hang with her.
Chick A: I don't know... I don't know her that well...
Chick B: Naah, it's cool, she's chill, c'mon.
Chick A: ...okay, lets go :)
by PsychoTeddybear April 21, 2011
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Hiba is a word that comes from the Arabic language meaning, "A gift from God."
You must be blessed, because you have a hiba in your life.
by @-->----- January 3, 2011
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