Sneaking up on someone and scaring the shit out of them; also, mysteriously appearing at a certain point without other people knowing how you got there.
"There has been a lot of ghosting going on this house lately and it needs to fucking stop."

"Michael ghosted the shit out of Susan this morning."

"Andrew came downstairs and ghosted Susie when she was getting ready for work."
by Gary Condit September 16, 2005
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A common dating problem, that women typically are allowed to get away with and men get scolded for in social circles.
"So how was your date with Sheila?"
"Oh... shes ghosting me after our last hookup. She's still a girl, not yet a woman; not my type anyway."
by iOneIndividual October 11, 2017
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The act of logging into another computer from a remote location, so that the user appears to be a ghost.
The guys down in IT are ghosting to see if they can find the problem.
by Timmay85 June 22, 2009
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The act of fucking someone from behind, getting a mate to take over without the person noticing, then running outside and waving at them to scare the fuck outta them.
by Jimmy D May 18, 2003
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Using the "invisible" option on an instant messenger service so that you can see everyone on your buddylist, but you don't show up on theirs.
I was ghosting on AIM last night because I didn't feel like talking to anyone but Sarah.
by Wendi September 02, 2006
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The act of quickly leaving a bar, party, or function during a blackout without telling any of your friends.
"What was up with the ghosting last night?" I have no idea. After that last shot of tequila I don't know what happened. I think I left my credit card at the bar.
by The Widge May 27, 2008
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The act of suddenly ceasing all communication, particularly electronic communication with a specific person, and it usually involves the "ghoster" completely blocking electronically the "ghostee" from being able to communicate with them. The "ghoster" usually does this to the person that they are dating and/or romantically involved with, but no longer wishes to either date and/or be romantically involved with. Ghosting is done in hopes that the ghostee will just "get the hint" (i.e tick tock) and leave the ghoster alone, as opposed to the "ghoster" communicating their true feelings in a manner akin to an adult. Ghosting is not specific to a certain gender (although females engage in the behavior more than males) and is closely related to the subject's maturity, communication and ability to deal with conflict skills.

Ghosting is the providence of emotional, behavioral and situational cowards. Ghosting is the operative, almost default behavior of choice for conflict avoidant/conflict adverse/self-absorbed/self-centered/selfish people because it is easier to "ghost" than to deal with conflict. It is easier to blow someone off than to do introspection. Whoa, that's way too scary for ghosters.
Lisa has blocked me on both Facebook and WhatsApp and all my calls go directly to voice mail. I think she's ghosting me because we have not spoken in a week.
by Gh0stFaceKilla May 30, 2018
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