when you take a shit so massive and with such velocity behind it that it forces itself to "disappear" down the toilet tube upon hitting the water, prompting a confused state when you look into the bowl and find it nowhere to be seen
Thomas knew he had a fiber-rich diet and felt it come out but, upon further investigation, didn't see what happened to the log he had produced. He was clearly a victim of his own ghosting.
by bottomboy tj February 06, 2017
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Sneaking up on someone and scaring the shit out of them; also, mysteriously appearing at a certain point without other people knowing how you got there.
"There has been a lot of ghosting going on this house lately and it needs to fucking stop."

"Michael ghosted the shit out of Susan this morning."

"Andrew came downstairs and ghosted Susie when she was getting ready for work."
by Gary Condit September 16, 2005
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Disappearing from a party, late night, without telling anyone where the hell you're going.
Sami went ghosting, yet AGAIN???!!!!

Sami, where are you? I think she ghosted!!!

Sami went ghosting, it's 4 a.m. and this random guy is sleeping in my bed!!!!
by RedSoxChic August 01, 2006
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1. ignoring (someone) completely: a 'cold shoulder' treatment so severe that the targeted individual effectively ceases to exist to the person by whom they have been 'ghosted'.
2. having sex completely under the sheets (a common practice in shared bedrooms, youth hostels, and homeless shelters); the visual product of 'ghosting' is typically a writhing, ghost-like mass on the surface of the bed (some seem to believe that they are totally invisible to onlookers while 'ghosting', but this is generally not the case).
3. achieving orgasm without ejaculating (or with a 'dry-ejaculation'); this can sometimes be achieved by pinching the base of the penis during orgasm to flush the semen into the bladder or by having ejaculated multiple times in succession to discharge all available semen before attempting to 'ghost' (neither method is reliable)
4. a rarely used, truncated, alternate term for 'ghostriding the whip'; preferred by some to the acronymic 'GRTW' (pronounced gertwah)
1. Dave: "it's not fair Charlie... your girlfriend sleeps over every night while mine has been ghosting me for weeks."
2. Dave: "what the fuck Charlie?! are you guys ghosting over there again??? The whole room smells like fecal now!! Fucking gross!!!"
3. Charlie: "as long as I'm ghosting, you can't get pregnant" Jen: "that doesn't sound right... just put it in my bum"
4. Charlie: "We got busted ghosting in the walmart lot again last night... Fuckin' pigs!" Dave: "serves you right, dipshit, gertwah is for faggots"
by squiggular August 04, 2018
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The act of logging into another computer from a remote location, so that the user appears to be a ghost.
The guys down in IT are ghosting to see if they can find the problem.
by Timmay85 June 22, 2009
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The act of fucking someone from behind, getting a mate to take over without the person noticing, then running outside and waving at them to scare the fuck outta them.
by Jimmy D May 18, 2003
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The act of quickly leaving a bar, party, or function during a blackout without telling any of your friends.
"What was up with the ghosting last night?" I have no idea. After that last shot of tequila I don't know what happened. I think I left my credit card at the bar.
by The Widge May 27, 2008
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