ghosts are the spirits of deceased people. they roam around in areas that they have been noted to have been before death.

most ghosts cant hurt you unless it is a juggernaught.
poltergeists are the demon spirts.
most can not be seen by the naked eye but do appear on camera.

i know that thy are around because of encounters and experiences.
noob: is my camera broken?
mad dood: no its an orb, a free moving spirt also know as ghosts.
noob: oh ok, your so smart.
mad dood: and sexual!
by living the life February 26, 2008
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A Covenant vehicle in Halo, also known as the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle. It is highly maneuverable, fast, and deadly. But it can be destroyed easily. In campaign, it can be piloted by Elites, Marines, Grunts, and Spartans

UNSC equivalent: Mongoose
Brute equivalent: Chopper
"Ghost inbound!" -UNSC Marine
"Get a rock lock on that Ghost!" -player (rock lock is a tracking rocket)
"God*Warthog horn*it, f*Warthog horn*ing Ghost!"
by an elite April 19, 2009
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v. The act of leaving a place rapidly trying not to leave a trace
Man the cops are here! We gotta ghost!
by Jklub! August 11, 2011
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v. to follow or trail, while attempting to remain undetected. usually refers to following a vehicle.
"I'ma ghost that mofo, find out where he live!"
by jim June 24, 2003
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Fictional beings that exist in fiction and in the mind of paranormal types who have bought into all the bullshit about the stupid idea of spirits and all that crap.
Amityville Horror is an example of a huge con bought into by a load of morons who believe in "Ghosts"
by JonRD June 17, 2007
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Entity consisting of an energy mass called "Ectoplasim"
by Maku April 02, 2005
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