A black person. Due to their self proclaimed "natural camouflage" things tend to float or drive themselves, also noises just seem to be made out of nowhere.
That car is driving itself! Must be a ghost.
by Abe Lincoln the Great November 23, 2009
A scary entity. Other names for a ghost are: Apparition, spectre. Usually a dead being coming back to haunt the living. Scary.
by an_absolute_idiot August 27, 2020
First, you will need to be doing a girl doggystyle in front of a window. Very quickly, you pull out and tag a friend who hops in to take your place banging the girl. This needs to be done quickly so the girl will not notice that she is getting nailed by someone different.
Then, you quietly sneak out of the house and onto the street, where you smile and wave at the girl you were just banging. The look on her face will be like she is looking at a ghost.
by skimordie April 9, 2008
To get super baked and pass out on a nearby couch/bed. Sometimes the "ghosted" individual will fall aslep sitting up, maybe even with a bag of cheetos/little debbie treats all over him.
Bro, bucknasty Brennen took 5 bong hits that fucking jew and now he's getting planted on couch about to ghost!
by crafty calvin July 25, 2010
a person who has died not from natural cuases and has not accepted death so they ponder the earth.they are possible to see if you have that ability to.
person1=DUDE what was that!!!!!
person2=i dont knowbut it was a shadow across that hallway.
person1=ohh it was probably a ghost
by Cornholiox5 July 1, 2009
To ghost someone is when you are fucking a girl from behind then bring your buddy in to start fucking her from behind while you go outside and wave to her through the window.
I was ghosted by Mike last night. It totally scared the shit out of me when I saw him in the window.
by Ethan Smith The 3rd November 30, 2017
(noun) 1) discarnate soul of a human being, no emotions 2.) a very loud bubbly person, who suddenly got kind of shy – what’s wrong, ghost? Why so shy? 3) broken libido, smiles a lot in a weird kind of way 4.) spooky sheet with holes cut out for eyes 5.) to get super baked and pass out on a couch 6.) good guy, life of the party… he doesn’t need a ride, he’ll walk 7.) someone who has no agenda and just floats with whatever is going on 8.) sheet that’s getting ripped to shreds, doesn’t seem to bother him
“‘Hey Molly, your husband’s clothes fit funny, girl… You ready to step into the jungle? You know I see you. Yeah, I’m looking right at you. You, the ghost. You’re freaking me. You want to watch? You like to watch?’

‘It’s my fucking husband that’s dead, not me.’ “
by dandelion47 April 4, 2012