imaginary characters created by psychotic humans seeking attention and fame
I saw a ghost last night appear next to the bed!
by Kyle Webs May 15, 2011
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When you smoke out of a bowl that is not packed and is filled with resin. You are smoking the ghost of the weed that was once there. It is simply known as smoking ghost.
I'm all out of weed but we can smoke some ghost.
by intrueglory July 18, 2010
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Ghosts are these creepy things that be staring at you when you be sleeping. They come out at night and have a party in your room. During the day, they be chilling in dark places such as your closet and under your bed. They like to freak you out by making noises.
by Thuglyfe-Eskimo. July 02, 2012
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To kill someone so quickly and quietly that their soul does not have time to catch up to their body.

The soul or (ghost) lingers in place as their body drops abruptly, or is pulled into the shadows.
The sentry, on his normal patrol stop, was ghosted by the mercenary on his mission to assassinate the terrorist leader.
by Playswithsquirrel May 21, 2010
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term used for police when someone is Playing Pacman and the cops come to arrest them for being intoxicated or just a terrible driver.
Ex 1: 'we should call some Ghosts to get that person off the road, Playing Pacman isn't safe in these parts.'

Ex 2: 'man, i was Playing Pacman this one time and like 4 Ghosts pulled me over!'
by Amythist Rose April 22, 2011
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To take or steal without being seen.
Person A - *sees a twenty* "Yo dude whats that over there!!!!"

Person B - "Where!?!" *looks away*

Person A - Steals the twenty* "Dude you missed it!!" *walks away*

Person B - (ten minutes later....) *cant find his cash* "Dude he ghosted my bill!!!"
by RDavis10 March 05, 2008
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1. A sleep deprived, overworked college student who appears pale and walks around without expression.

2. Adjective describing someone who has left or in the process of leaving.
OS turned Falken into a ghost.

I'm ghost.
by FALKEN October 16, 2004
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