He is a very wise, handsome, and kind man. He helps you get rid of your negative thoughts and will always be their when you need him the most. He will make you feel that you are not alone. He's a very honest person and fulfills his promises.
Jm is the person you can always count on.
by BB. MIMOSA October 21, 2021
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JM is an abbreviation of Khmer slang phrase (JM=Joy Maray) means "Fuck you".
Sok: I heard that you're pregnant with your pet.
Sao: JM.
by hpsphxxktrx October 25, 2019
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Speaker 1 : ugly jeans
Speaker 2 JM
by LipGlass June 10, 2009
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An acronym for the word Jerk Move. See Jerk move.
Ughh...Mark is so dumb, he just pulled a JM on me.
by Kagebunshin March 6, 2009
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"JM motherfuckers!" from Puff Daddy's famous Outtro to Notorious BIG's "Who Shot Ya?," which, when it was (mis)interpreted by 2Pac and Suge Knight, started the East Coast/West Coast rivalry.
by Callumlikeiseeum October 7, 2010
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