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A demon like creature that commands an army of minions of the shadows that consume things to take there form
Oryx and the shadows will consume us all and end us.
by SupernaturalKing October 15, 2015
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The spirit of a physical living human or animal either ripped out of their body/vessel by an external force or liberated by the act of death. Most spirits are sent to hell or heaven but those stuck in between (are universe and the dimensions next to our's) are called ghosts they are either not able to be sent by either a heavenly or hellish force to either side or they are stuck because they are forgotten spirits decaying and watching everything they know die causeing them to go insane and go on rampages until they are stop by burning their corpses.
I hope I go to heaven instead of becoming a ghost when I die .
by SupernaturalKing October 16, 2015
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