for a collage or university residence, when you have roommate that you hardly ever see and are always unaware of anything about that person.
holy shit ghost is back.

my roommate is a ghost.
by duffbeer69 November 05, 2010
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(Verb) In order to ghost a girl, you must begin having anal sex with her against a window. After a little while, pull your dick out and allow your waiting friend to insert his. This must be done quickly so that the girl is unaware. Then sneak outside, and suddenly press yourself against the window, making the girl think she is seeing a ghost. Recommended that you do this only if you intend to break up with the girl in the near future
I wanted to break up with Jane, so I asked Dan to help me ghost her
by J-slicket April 23, 2006
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You are wrong, Zach. (the guy who posted above me) A ghost is someone who has passed away, but got stuck on earth. A ghost doesn't know that they are dead. A ghosts energy can vary from cold to hot. A ghost can't physically harm you. A Poltergeist on the other hand can be very physical and violent. A spirit knows they are dead, a spirit can be anything from a demon, an angel, a messenger, etc. A spirit can even be God himself. Check your Facts Zach. I been doing Ghost/Spirit study for quite some time. Usually in a ghost or spirit case, you can order an Excorist, or one of my cherokee brothers, such as a Shaman.
I lived in a house haunted by a Poltergeist for 2 years when I was little. (True Story)
by demmaster June 16, 2004
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(v.) to take someone's item in any of the iterations of Mario Kart using the Boo item.
Mario Karter: Haha! I just ghosted your 'shrooms, bud!
by Babyface Killah February 10, 2009
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A female with different color weave in her head (purple, blue, neon green , orange, yellow)
baby powder on her chest (visible or non visible )
very loud, very ugly, very disrespectful
farts , burps , declares she wants to shit in public
ugly toes
uses excessive make up
and if ur boy friend says: " babe i dont want any1 know were dating "
calls her boy friend or girlfriends "Boo"

They are different classification of ghost

* ghost ina nice clothes

*global ghost
*undercover ghost

*ghost by association
Look at that girl ... she is such a ghost.
(in creole) yack gyal me nuh want u u da wa ghost
Sigh... Chris what did i tell you about dating ghost?
by Mo' Pums August 16, 2011
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Ghost are to some the product of your imagination and to other an entity that was alive at one point but didn't cross to the other side when they died .

Tought to be the spirits of the dead and some other malign forces that plays tricks on humans or sometimes convey messages to mediums from the other side of the grave .

Some of them wanting to finish an unfinished buisness when they where alive .

Some ghosts are tought to act for different purposes as :
Breaking objects or flickering lights , those are called poltergheist .
Conveing messages , those are called apparitions and sometimes E.V.P..
Some wnats to show their presences , those are sometimes called shadow ghosts , sometimes , orbs , apparitions .

Ghost are known in many cultures , bearing different names .
Sometimes called poltergheist , ghost , spook , phantom , specter , wraith ,apparition , cul-de-jatte , banshee , kyonchi , spirit , phantasm , possesor and such
A ghost is immaterial .

There are many kind of ghosts .
by P.A. 037 February 05, 2010
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