A nickname of Lucifer and also the Antichrist

In Christian philosophy, the foretold prophet of Satan who will weed/balance out Christianity in that he will represent a negative Christ to free the world from the bounding parameters of the religion, or in biblical terms, "destroy it".

In many other religions he represents a force free of prejudice and unfair judgement. He is seen as a revolutionizing polarizing agent wielding powers from the underworld sent to rid the world of suffering, a dark angel blessed with the gifts of many deities including immense intelligence and speed. As Christ was said to have been murdered and resurrected in the Bible, the Antichrist is said to be resurrected from death by Satan (in Christianity) or a dark angel or a deity from the underworld on a significant date shortly before his reign. Alternate versions of this prophecy state that he is betrayed and discovered by a close friend (much like Jesus is from Judas) and put to death in secrecy by religious extremists, unlike Christ's open crucifixion, and that during his murder he is saved by an agent of the Devil, who kills his enemies and brings him to safety, and ultimately, his ascension.

In modern films like the Matrix, the Antichrist is portrayed as Neo, who being the 6th version, eventually fails and is brought down.
"Hey are you wingless?"


"Oh, so you know Satan right?"

"Yeah he's my Uncle."
by metastasis July 6, 2012
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1) The characteristic of having no wings
2) Being unable to fly
3) Being a coward, or being ignorant
1) An emotionally weak mother fucker who doesn't know what they stand for, but thinks they do.
A- Ya, Anarchy Rules
B- Do you know what Anarchy is?
A- An A with a circle around it?
B- You are one wingless son of a bitch, you know that?
A- Yes Sir
by Mike Lofthouse April 13, 2004
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The secret society within Denison University. Consists of 6 seniors and a junior, masked and clothed with WA hoodies when in action.
It was hilarious when the Wingless Angels treated east quad with kegs and fireworks.
by thegodfather37 November 25, 2009
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A phrase used to describe something that is tubular, and not at all erroneous.
Dude, my cock is like a wingless pterodactyl.

Suzy, did you hear the Kazakhstani anthem?
Its for licking, fuck yea
Dude, your right, you truly are a wingless pterodactyl.
by tangofandango October 8, 2009
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A sexual act which involves fucking a girl in every hole possible. This includes vagina, anus, urethra, nose, ear, skin pores, etc.
Joanne: What's wrong Sherry
Sherry: I got a wingless pterodactyl by Mike
Joanne: I cant ell your bleeding from your face
Sherry: I know
Joanne: Yep
by The Brope June 24, 2011
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being called a wingless butterfly means you kinda look like a gummy bear. a sexy gummy bear.
Amber said "your a wingless butterfly" meaning your a sexy gummy bear
by Kalilah Capps January 14, 2022
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A secret society at Denison University in Granville, OH associated with Klu Klux Klan imagery, harassment of women and faculty members, and acts of vandalism and violence.
Several members of the Wingless Angels spent time in jail in 2002 after violently harassing students and community members.
by Righting_Wrongs December 19, 2011
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