Control oneself. Cool their temper.
- I love you! I love you! I love you!
- Get a grip, you're embarrassing me.
by Martha123 August 16, 2006
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One of the greatest Aerosmith albums of the 80s and 90s. Released in 1993 and selling 7 million copies, it featured the hits "Livin' on the Edge" and "Eat the Rich" as well as three even bigger hits propelled by Alicia Silverstone featured in the videos: "Cryin", "Amazaing", and "Crazy." A milestone album marking the crossover between 80s and 90s culture, rock and pop, explicit and clean.
What's your favorite song off "Get a Grip"?
by acb November 15, 2005
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A played out 80's term that one would use and a Rank Out session. A weak response at best, someone would use this if they got cut down and didn't have anything else to say.
Yo' Pete! Why don't you get a grip bitch! (You sorry ass band geek)
by Steve December 6, 2004
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The phrase Dua Lipa replied on twitter when a fan said something about her 'decision' on January of 2018.
"em": sis u broke the new rules
dua: Sis get a grip
by nojokejustkidding January 26, 2018
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To get a hold of your life, to fix your shit together, to sort your crap out or to have at least some sort of control in your life.
SARAH SMITH: Have you done the homework?
AMEEN:Err.... no?
by father complications May 2, 2017
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another way of saying "take it easy" or "stop being so f**kin' paranoid already!"
I told Robbie that he needs to get a grip (and I don't mean on my pantyhose either!)
I also told him Dave said the same thing.

btw Dave's dick is bigger :-)
by TheMocker December 30, 2005
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Often used when someone thinks they are to good, better then someone, ahead of the game, Overzealous Confidence, or when one thinks they better then they are. "Get a grip" simply reminds them that they arent.. Basically used when someone thinks their shit doesnt stink. "To come back to reality"..
Eric: Damn I am handsome!
Trish: Get a grip!
by Trish Nunz July 29, 2007
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