Short for the word “sister” but also just an answer to any question ever.
Susan: “how was your weekend?”
Janet: “sis...”
Susan: “omg sis what’s the tea sis—spill!”
Janet: “sis!”
Susan “sis”
—and so on and so forth until Antichrist comes and the world is over
by August 3, 2018
1. A term used as a confidence booster by black females in order to 'hype' their self-esteem.

2. A phrase used frequently by close female friends who share a special bond from others.

3. A term used by a female to reassure another female that she will always be there to defend, honour and keep her from committing bad decisions.
Kidist, you mah sis and always will be. Happy Birthday boo 💛
by kidoblack February 19, 2018
A sexual nickname used by gang members
by Gang guy 254 January 29, 2016
A perfect response to your friend saying something stupid, bitchy, slutty or just something u can't think of a reply to
Person 1: Idk which guy to meet this weekend, there's a choice of 3
Person 2: sis
by Theteakeeper January 12, 2019
She says she doesn't see it, but I think people that don't even know her can see it from a mile away. She has a great smile that can make your day, and she seems to always have a smile to spare. She is very nice and caring and doesn't judge you. She is very cute and has a lot of little things that she does that can make you smile or laugh. She is very smart and always knows the right things to say. She is fun to hang out with and talk to. She is a very amazing person for so many reasons. She says she doesn't see it, but she should. She is a good singer too. Si-Si is perfect in every way and I am so glad that I get to call her my friend.
What song is this Si-Si?
What are you talking about this is one of your favorite songs!
by fomachu December 16, 2018