3 definitions by father complications

To get a hold of your life, to fix your shit together, to sort your crap out or to have at least some sort of control in your life.
SARAH SMITH: Have you done the homework?
AMEEN:Err.... no?
by father complications May 2, 2017
That one nerdy English teacher who is Irish and doesn't get enough sunlight. Obnoxiously tall and is daddy material. Hes kinda ugly at the same time. He always has that one feature that sticks out, in this case its his height.
Me:Mr Knox is so fucking daddy
Him:But hes mine
by father complications May 2, 2017
when hes all innocent in public but lowkey has the ability to be hardcore dominant in the bedroom.
me:ahh fuck hes so fucking daddy material imma wet my pants right here.
her: totally fuckin right u are
by father complications May 3, 2017