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an artificial/superficial pop diva with crappy music, and stinky feet!

(example below):
(from an Annanova entertainment news report from 2004):

Britney spears caused a real stink when her smelly feet gassed a plane full of people.

Passengers complained when the star shed her shoes on a flight, releasing a horrid stench to other unsuspecting airline travelers.

The smell was so bad that a stewardess asked Britney to put them back on, reports The Sun.

Britney, 23, caused a stir as she and hubby Kevin Federline, 26, flew from Los Angeles to New York. The singer blamed the stench on her shoes.

One passenger said: "The smell was unbelievable! One woman had a word with the air hostess, then three or four others complained. She looked pretty embarrassed as she tapped Britney on the shoulder and asked her very politely to put her shoes back on.

"Britney went red, laughed and said her shoes make her feet stink. Thankfully she put them back on. There's no way we could have put up with her case of foot odor for much longer!"
by TheMocker December 03, 2005
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I am amazed at how internet porn sites make for some great mm!
It definitely comes in handy (no pun intended!) whenever Shirley goes away for the weekend! :)
by TheMocker August 20, 2005
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"I have to go to zellers and get some ph before they close!"

"Jeannette borrowed a pair of my ph, and amazingly they fit....even with her size 11 feet!!"
by TheMocker August 06, 2005
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a hole in the wall, a really crappy bar or hangout
"I needed to get out of the house for a while, but I didn't want to go far or spend a lot of cash, so I just went to that red onion down the street."
by TheMocker December 30, 2013
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persistent and/or unreasonable demands, largely made through misguided feelings of entitlement.
"It will be inevitable that the children will each want their pound of flesh during the holidays, so in order for us to make this vacation feasible, we will have to stand firm to our budget."
by TheMocker October 12, 2011
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short form for professor (of a college or university); aka - the man whose dick is getting sucked by the female student with the highest grade in the class.
Angela aced nuclear physics 101 since she slept with the prof all semester.
by TheMocker July 26, 2005
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jobless (but immensely wealthy) liberal hippie who can seen doing a watusi-type dance at any given knicks game. accusing him of the above would brand you a racist by him or his staff.
I just saw Spike Lee handing out flowers and holding a peace rally in times square! isn't that amazing??
by TheMocker December 14, 2004
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