the worst possible thing one can be.
the type of person that saw the anti-drinking or drugs propaganda videos made in the 50s and takes them seriously
Man did you see that dude, he was such a gerry

Jack's not drinking tonight, he's being a gerry
by pete February 18, 2005
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Gerry is also used for the words Chaos or Destruction it is very often used to describe War as well.
World War 2 was just filled with Gerry
by Gerry the Gerry September 14, 2019
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Gerry is a sweet girl who tries hard. Nobody can spell her name right and often say she has a guy's name. She doesn't get asked out much and isn t very popular. She is willing to be friends with anyone and own up to her mistakes. She gets upset when people call her beautiful or sexy because she doesn't believe it.
Look at Gerry! She's so sweet and adorable
by Actuallynoone October 25, 2018
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Gerry is such a little pussy ass boi who cheats on girls. He is most likely Filipino and incredibly stupid.
His friends probably call him retard.
by —-Cay—- September 6, 2019
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Definition: A grubby man whose roots stem from nurturing beginnings. Once named from caring parents, developed into a person of floggish nature without specific or singular meaning. Originating around 1992 from a region of western Australia.

(1) To do a Gerry, is do perform an action of negative consequence.

(2) To do a careless actions is do have done a Gerry.

(3) To appear to be toiling relentlessly as if the devil himself was after my soul but in actual fact im doing nothing.

(4) An example of lesser being

Adjective) A man of simple beliefs and desire, of which drives those around to him to near insanity due to his simpleton nature. Often distinguished by the rarity of his ability contact the outside world after prolonged and consisted enforcement by those close to him.
Noun) a class of people, often present within the physical realm though easily mistaken for constantly being under the psychedelic effects of mushrooms. but don’t be fooled, that would be a great accomplishment if one such Gerry could perform to such a desired level.
Example (1)
Me: “hey man, did you see you see that girl? She’s totally into me!”
Mate:” better take her out soon otherwise you may get gerry’ed!”
Me:” surely no one would do that to me, that’s a dog move”

Example (2)
*me busy washing up the dishes when suddenly I do a goof, slip, drop a plate and break it carelessly on the ground*- “well I Gerry’ed that didn’t I!”

Example (3)
*boss walks into me diligently working after hear him coming at the last moment, quickly throwing my golf puter under the desk and kicking the cup with the gold ball in it aside frantically before sitting down in a scruff* Gerry: Hey Gary(boss)! I didn’t hear you coming, what can I do for you?
Gary(Boss): “Gerry, we are super busy today and as a priority today can you please finish this critical task? Happy to pay you over time to get it sorted!?”
Gerry: “I will try boss, but I’m super busy with stuff from another department and they said it was life or death to get it done asap! Sorry I wish I could help and I will try but I cant promise anything”
Gary(boss): “okay but please try!”
Gerry: *yelling out as the boss walks away* “Id walk to hell and back for you boss so ill try my best!” *(Gerry thinking to himself) * “I wonder if I can finally get that extra stroke of my putting by the end of the day if he stop interrupting me? -Ive totally just Gerry’ed my boss!”*

A king standing before his minion: “bow before me gerry”
by judas11 November 17, 2020
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An ugly toucan or sometimes referred to as a feral rat, that squawks and scavengers for food. He pretends people are non existent and is a lame sugar daddy. His nose is protruding from his stinky face like a toucan, in the jungle. Some people expplain him as medusa
"Eleftheria": You are as ugly as Gerry, you couger!
"Maya": Excuse me don't ever compare me to someone so ugly!
by May 23, 2019
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She is such a beautiful girl. She is a nice and fun friend. She is not afraid to stand up to anyone who bothers her or her friends. She is very smart and knows her stuff. She is awesome and has a great personality. Sometimes guys ask her out but she will most likely say no because she may not think he is the right guy. And you should never get a Gerri mad because when she gets mad she is a bitch she will ignore you, give stares, and talk about you, but in the end she will realize that she wants to be your friend and will forgive you no matter what. She also has a very cute laugh some guys will find her irresistible. Any guy would like to be with a Gerri.
Guy: Hey I would love to be with Gerri!
Guy #2: I know who wouldn't she is cute and smart
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