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A person who rises, undeservedly, to a position of authority, usually as a result of another's demise. Also know as a Paterson.

Jeff: You see the guy taking over for Spitzer as our Governor?
Pete: What's his name?
Jeff: I don't know, but he's a total Gerry Ford.

Can also be used as a verb.
by The Cooker March 13, 2008
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When someone bikes an incredibly long distance from his house in an urban area and locks the bike up on the sidewalk. You and your friends all over 21 and are out of college and this guy still bikes everywhere, not answering his cell phone so you don't know where he is or when he's getting there. You then hang your head in shame and pretend you don't know him.
Friend on bike: "Hey guys (sweating profusely), is the bar closed yet, I just biked 12 miles to get here.

You: "OMG dude, you have a car and are 24 years old, and yes! The bar is closed; it's 2:15AM.

Friend on bike: Damn, I’m gonna start biking home now.

Drunk Friend: Oh god, he is always pulling a gerry!
by philfromphilly February 18, 2008
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My friend was into older women, he couldn’t get enough Gerry Cherry.
by JHawley73 May 1, 2019
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Gerry News - Is a channel in a Discord server known as UTMP, that channel is made for TvGerry so he can post his shitposts and effortless news, some of them aren't even news!
TvGerry was the only person who was able posts, but than he added 90% of the active discord server members.
B- Hey! i just visited UTMP and saw a funny joke on Gerry News!
G- Oh Cool! What it is it?
B- Brickus Brockus!
G- I'm unfriending you
by 5L1M3 March 1, 2021
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the gland on the tip of ones penis. named due to its uncanny resemblence to german soldiers helmets during the first and second world wars. can give great pleasure when rubbed.
have you seen the state of craig smiths cheesy gerry helmet??? he should see a docter about that shit!
by paddy farrell September 26, 2004
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To do injustice to. To leave a large amount of meat still on the bone.
Bob: Hey I’m done eating these wings
John: No you aren’t. You left so much meat on the wings. Don’t Gerry the wings.
by imkeisha88 June 21, 2019
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guard on Syracuse basketball team shots 3 pointers really well. is better than J.J. reddick Also known as the dog
G-mac for 3! and its Good!
by j-train October 14, 2004
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