Grub hubby. A person who buys food for someone else with no relationship or anything given in return. They can also send money for food or take them out to eat.
Girl 1: I’m hungry. I’m going to ask my grubby to send me $20 for lunch

Girl 2: yasssss! Same
by sandrafizzle January 24, 2020
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term used to descirbe gross things/people
orignated in point lookout new york
her toes are soo grubby
by haaaay gurl haaaayyyyy June 5, 2011
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Good way to define trailer trash or pikeys(uk).
That family is grubby
by L_Z January 19, 2005
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A hilarious man who lives on the subway in the show Hey Arnold! The greatest television character ever. Easily.
by hijklmnop January 14, 2007
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an adjectivde used to describe a person who looks greasy or dirty. Grubby people are usally ethier niggers or greasy puertoricans.
WOW that greasy ass diry piece of latin Lapporte is mother fucking grubby today.
by nigga bruce October 17, 2004
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The crevice between the underside of a fat person's belly and the upper-pubic region.
That guy has a real sweaty grubbis.
by JohnDax February 19, 2007
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