a German word, translated as "order, tidiness, system" Possibly invented as a cultural term by the Germans of Prussia to describe that everything needs to be at it's right spot so that it's clean and working properly.
German: Your room is completely dirty, your work is unfinished, the food you cooked has to look better and your life style is getting pretty depressing. You need to fix that, Ordnung muss sein (There has to be Ordnung)

See also: Feng Shui, Nazis and Autism.
by bergAgreb October 26, 2014
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Die Neue Ordnung von Templer (founded in mid-2019) is German for "The New Order of Templar"

DNOvT is a Christian-based organization that is heavily inspired by the French Foreign Legion.

The group is based in the United States of America.

Strictly pro-Constitution, one of their primary missions is to dispose of any & all tyrants, domestic & foreign, who dare spit in the face of Liberty.

Although they are a Christian-based group, people of all backgrounds are welcomed with opens arms, similar to the FFL.
"Have you heard about Due Neue Ordnung von Templer?"
"Well, they're one of many growing militias here in the States."
"Oh, really? What's with the German though? It'll paint them as white supremacists by Mainstream Media?"
"That's the point. I guess? Die Neue Ordnung von Templer doesn't give a damn what people THINK they're about. Their founder made it quite apparent that he will personally hang a tyrant regardless of origin."
by Contingency_Bravo May 28, 2020
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