German word, which has two main meanings.

"Du siehst geil aus."-> "You look sexy."
"Das Auto ist geil."->"The car ist cool/hot."

Do not(!) use this word in a conversation, if these people your talk to are no close friends or relatives. Could be misunderstood.
"Geile Sache."
"Cool Stuff/Thing."
by Nils January 21, 2005
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Literally, horny. Used as a slang word in Germany to express when something is extremely good.
Den T-Shirt ist total geil! (That t-shirt is really cool!)
by Tori Wood December 10, 2001
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When you call something "geil", it means you like ist very much.

Can also be used, when you find someone sexual attractive.
"Mann, ist das geil!" - "Oh man, thats geil (amazing)"!

"Ich finde dich geil!" - "You're very attractive"
by doctor syntax February 25, 2016
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In dutch, geil literally means: Horny
In german it means sexy/hot or cool
by Peanuthead95 September 25, 2009
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Geil translated into english means randy or horney, Germans use it as slang for cool or good.

Which is a problem for the Irish, common mistakes when speaking German are: Guten Tag, ich bin Ira und ich sprache Geilisch, denn ich komme aus Iraland. (Correct words are Ire not Ira, Gielisch not Geilisch and Irland not Iraland)

Translation of that is: Good day, i am crazy and i speak sexy talk, because i come from Crazy land
Steffi! Wann du die Pulli tragt, Bist du geil!!! (Steffi! Whenn you wear that jumper, you are randy/horney/cool/good!!!)

Guten Tag Paddy, wie ist dein Kopf... Ira mann??... warum sprachst du Geilisch nicht?... Ich habe gedacht, du bist Ira!
by Hardstuff May 29, 2004
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GEIL (Guy-el)
The best colloquial word ever established by the German language. It has slowly assimilated itself into English speaking culture, particularly the Southeast of America. These cities such as: Charleston, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Chattanooga the word 'GEIL' is used frequently and interchangeably between the people whom reside there.

Simple in Context:

Im so Geil! (Fucked up)
Wanna get Geil? (Wanna get wasted/fucked up/nutty/lit..etc)
She's fucking Geil! (She is hot and DTF)
Brad, im so fucking GEIL!

Hey Chad, you down to get GEIL tonight?

Hey is that Wendy Brown over there by the bartop? Yea, it is chad. Damn, she's GEIL.
by Chillchadbradrazz69 February 10, 2010
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Someone with the intentions of getting other people. Doesn't necessarily care for the feelings of those who don't truly care for them. Needs positive attention and has a special way of getting it. Mostly used for girls that use inside connections as a source for information used as revenge against backstabbers.
"She was with that guy?"

"Yeah she went all Geiling to get back at her friend!"
by girllllllllllllllyy101 August 28, 2009
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