Song by Manuel that was used in Initial D and is the perfect song when you want to race or drift
Person: Hey whats your favorite song?

Me: Gas Gas Gas
by The_DaffyOne January 31, 2021
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Famous Kyeongsangdo line for using four of the same Korean characters “ga ga ga ga” all said with different intonations to mean “Is that the guy?”
'He's the one I was telling you about'

'ah, ga ga ga ga?'
by Nochucomethru February 12, 2018
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What CF recruits do not want to hear during BMQ.
Course Instructor: GAS GAS GAS!!

*all recruits shut their eyes, take off their headgears (if any), quickly pull out the gas masks from the pouch, tightening the straps after putting it on*

(or at least attempted to in under 9 seconds)

Course Instructor: You! Bloggins! Way too slow: assume the Cockroach Position!
by Pte. Bloggins February 7, 2008
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a thing guys say when a situation could be taken sexually
Aaron: Stop being sick and suck it up

Tom: aaahhhh ga ga ga
by 12inch cock April 29, 2010
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A song made by MANUEL it is used in anime series about a kid who drives a tofu delivery car then races a bunch of street racers some people thought that the singer said "ass ass ass" at the intro of the song
by TheManWhoHasNoIdea October 28, 2021
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this word has no apparent meaning, but has been used several times by the Kramer character in the hugely popular television sitcom "Seinfeld"
by King Shit January 19, 2003
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(Noun) A song wrote by Manuel D.
(Verb) The action of making a comeback.
(Noun) Gas Gas Gas is a song that encourages you to be far behind at the start, but make a comeback at last.
(Verb) In the running race, he went poorly at first but Gas Gas Gas’d and won in the end.
by beluga the suzzi cat June 4, 2023
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