1.) A popular animé and manga with an emphasis on car racing, specifically drifting techniques.

2.) One of the most popular arcade games all over the world, named, and modeled after the animé/manga.

It allows players to save their car's tuning information on a credit-card-sized magnetic card.

Each new version of the game (currently, there are three) features new cars, new tracks, new conditions, improved physics, and better balancing of the cars.
Check out any book store, and you'll probably find the (somewhat butchered) Tokyopop translation of the manga.

In most video game stores, or any stores selling animé, you should be able to find the animé series.

And the game can be found in any decently large arcade. (Initial D is one of the most expensive arcade machines, ranking up with Bemani machines)
by Remy April 23, 2004
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An anime which uses Computer Graphics along with conventional animation to convey the story about an 18 year old from Akina named Takumi Fujiwara who drives an AE86 Sprinter Trueno.

What is so interesting is his drift technique which is taught to him from his father through the use of water in a cup, which allows him to defeat local street racers in everything from Turbo RX-7's to Lancer Evolutions.
Initial D is the BEST anime to come from Japan.
by Neo May 24, 2003
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Initial D is an animated series from Japan about an 18 year old boy named Takumi Fujiwara who lives with his father, Bunta Fujiwara in their family owned tofu shop. Bunta used to be a famous racer in his younger days and since Takumi was 13 he had him delivering Tofu to the top of Mt Akina at 4am every day in his Hachi Roku (A 1986 toyota corolla GT-S)Over the years and under his fathers instruction, takumi mastered the art of drift in secret.

The Story Begins when a Famous hot shot street racing team the "Akagi Red Suns" Led by Ryosuke takahashi and his brother Keisuke Takahashi come to challenge the local racers of Mt Akina to a battle. Iketani, who is one of takumi's co workers and leader of The "Akina Speed Stars" accepts their challenge. Soon the speed stars realize they stand no chance against such skilled opponants and seek aid from Bunta Fujiwara. Bunta sends his son instead to everyones surprise, confident his years of training will allow him to succeed. Takumi in his Hachi Roku Faces off against Keisuke Takahashi in his Mazda RX7-FD and defeats him to everyones shock. Soon a legend is born that will forever echo the streets of Japan.

The series spanned 6 "stages" or "seasons". 1st stage, 2nd stage, a Full length movie 3rd Stage, 4th stage, Extra Stage and Battle Stage which were also animated movies. There is also a live action movie in japanese that has endured much criticism but still remains highly entertaining.

Initial D is a Main Stream depiction of "Touge" or "Canyon" racing which is a real life style of street racing far superior in form to popular "drag" styles of street racing. In this type of racing usually 2 drivers go Toe to toe on winding mountain roads, it is a race between drivers and a race of Skill and technique, not a race of who runs the fastest quarter mile.

The series combined Revolutionary CGI animation at the time for its Car sequences and it improves signifigantly from stage to stage as the series progresses with much better blending between the 2d and 3d styles.
"Initial D 1st stage, 2nd stage, 3rd stage, 4th stage"
by ChukiDori November 19, 2006
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A very popular anime brought here to america it pleased people but at the same time lured a lot of ricers
by derek October 9, 2003
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A driving game based on the series of the same name. It is unique in that you can save your progress on a credit card-sized card you can purchase from the machine.
Lots of people play Initial D at the nearby arcade on weekends.
by dj gs68 May 14, 2003
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A kickass racing/drifting anime.. Got my friend obsessed with it.. YOUR TURNING MORON ITS NOT DRIFTING YOUR JUST FUCKING TURNING!!
Takumi 0wns j00
by Tromboner 2004 August 16, 2003
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