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This guy is going to be a total bad ass and cute. He has a bad reputation and when u first meet him might think hes rude. He will have a hard outer shell that he shows everyone if he lets you in get to know him. You won't regret it he is one of the most amazing, funny, fun,sweet, and out going person you will meet. If he cares about you he will be there for you and protect you no matter what. Yes he has his flaws but once you get to know and care about him they won't matter. Be careful he can be a hot head and do stupid things. But in the end he is a great guy when you get to know him.
Manuel -amazing person to know
by shorty58 February 09, 2015
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the most amazing person ever.stands up for what he believes in and doesn't let anyone tell him what to do.greatest dancer(:
will never be forgotten.
hard headed but has the sweetest heart.
wouldn't change anything about him
by sass- May 07, 2009
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A tall-ish boy who once he gets comfortable around you, is an amazing caring person.
He tries his best to succeed in life as well as help you when you need it. He is also shy when it comes to girls he likes.
Person 1: Manuel is a great person once you know him good
Person 2: Yeah he is
by From my experiences October 28, 2018
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A player who can not control his hormones.
And fucks everything that walks.
dude manuel has fucked every girl in the school.
by kathy flores June 11, 2013
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A sexy columbian who usually has dark brown hair and eyes. He has a muscular body and sometimes is rather short. He's sweet, sensitive, sexy and a great kisser. He has a short temper and doesn't like to give in. He's a hot head and looks for fights. He's cocky and arrogant but that's why people love him. He may seem like a shallow porn-dog but he really just wants to be loved. Get to know a manuel and you will see. Be careful though one meeting with him can make you fall for him, manuels usually don't catch you. Manuels are also more likely to be matched with sporty, short brunettes that love to have a good laugh. But other times he goes out of his league for tall blondes.
"check out that sexy, short guy over there, I heard he's a great kisser!"
"oh he must be a manuel!"
by fool4love January 30, 2010
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A tall-ish boy who is really good looking and tends to fall in love with girls who have long brown hair and green eyes. He is really good at soccer and is super funny. swears alot , but no one really cares. He is AWESOME!!!
by powerfil scills May 27, 2014
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Usually light brown hair, dark brown eyes, super amazing guy, all the girls want him but he only got his eye on one, really cute, funny, and is kinda shy when it comes to girls.
Guy 1: why are all the girls talking about that guy
Guy 2: dude, he's manuel
Guy 1: oh ok i get it
by Anonymus.7.1.0 November 25, 2017
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