Usually light brown hair, dark brown eyes, super amazing guy, all the girls want him but he only got his eye on one, really cute, funny, and is kinda shy when it comes to girls.
Guy 1: why are all the girls talking about that guy
Guy 2: dude, he's manuel
Guy 1: oh ok i get it
by Anonymus.7.1.0 November 25, 2017
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Manuel is an Albanian name given to boys. It is an ancient name whose roots come from one of the Illyrian dialects meaning "large penis". Through scientific and archeologic investigations, researchers have found that 98 percent of men named Manuel had surprisingly really large penises, way above the average penis length and width. Also, the majority of people named Manuel seem to suffer depression due to the fact that they are unable to find condoms that fit their large penises.
Manuel has an extraordinarily large penis.
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A very smart and kind person.A Manuel can be very annoying and rude sometimes.They can be very very judgmental but overall they are really nice:)!
Person 1: is that Manuel

Person 2: yeah it is he’s so fucking rude sometimes

Person 1:really

Person 2:yeah but he’s really kind to other people
by thottyyyyy November 13, 2018
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A nice, but sometimes annoying guy. Most of the time he has black hair and is a bit tall. He likes dark humor and dank memes and tries to make you happy. He might be a bit ugly but on the inside his nice if your nice to him. He doesn't really care about looks and just focuses on personality. He sometimes has negative thoughts and tries to hide it in so he can make you happy. He can forgive really easily but doesn't believe in 2and chances.
Person 1:Yo is that Manuel?

Person 2:Ya, sometimes his a dick but if you really get to know him he wants to help in the best way possible even if your just a random stranger.
by Kitsqndkatslover December 2, 2019
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A sexy columbian who usually has dark brown hair and eyes. He has a muscular body and sometimes is rather short. He's sweet, sensitive, sexy and a great kisser. He has a short temper and doesn't like to give in. He's a hot head and looks for fights. He's cocky and arrogant but that's why people love him. He may seem like a shallow porn-dog but he really just wants to be loved. Get to know a manuel and you will see. Be careful though one meeting with him can make you fall for him, manuels usually don't catch you. Manuels are also more likely to be matched with sporty, short brunettes that love to have a good laugh. But other times he goes out of his league for tall blondes.
"check out that sexy, short guy over there, I heard he's a great kisser!"
"oh he must be a manuel!"
by fool4love January 30, 2010
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Most awesome guy ever, great personality. Has black hair with dark brown eyes and gets all the ladies.

Religiously, has a strong connection to God.
I met the most amazing guy last night, his name is Manuel.
by yoyo1785 October 30, 2011
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