A 1997 Excellent Thriller movie starring Michael Douglas & Sean Penn.
When I watched that movie The Game, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! What an excellent thriller!
by Starchylde May 20, 2016
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To do your best possible in any endeavor; not just in sports.
Ya'll dudes better come wit it, i mean, bring ya a-game and shit.
by cute4rmday1 September 22, 2005
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Characterized by having it all on the surface (good looks, education, money) and yet failing miserably with the opposite sex, likely due to a personality flaw (ex. pretension, misogyny, excessive prissyness).

In some cases a lack of game can be attributed to the projection of a homosexual persona which precludes chatting up the opposite sex for the sake of getting dates.

High levels of "no game" as evidenced by frequent failure to engage the opposite sex in meaningful exchanges which lead to dates often result in the person with lack of game becoming bitterly angry at the world and nitpicking individuals for reasons such as "bitches having boyfriends."
It was clear that Amir had no game when, despite repeated attempts to make conversation with girls, he had not managed to get a single date. He then blamed his lack of success on bitches being fat.
by JudasKiss April 13, 2006
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An activity done by people of all ages, regardless of gender, athletic ability, sexual orientation, or 'nerdiness'

A common misconception about gamers from non gamers is that all of them are complete nerds, with no athletic skill, social life, or love life. This statement is untrue, and in fact, most gamer do more social activities in a day than most other people. Another misconception is that gamers are either straight-A geniuses in school, or complete morons, but this is again, untrue. Gamers are just people like you, just with a different hobby. Gaming at a high level takes a serious amount of mental focus and skill.
1)Hey, wanna come over and play some Mortal Kombat X?
2)Yeah, but I have a football game in an hour, so how about at 7?
1)Cool, sounds great
2)Awesome! We'll be gaming in no time
by Billybloopblop July 15, 2015
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If something is ‘game’ it means it’s done, the game (or activity) is over. This expression is usually mentioned in sports or when chasing a girl.
She be with another dude man, it’s game she won’t fall for you anymore.
by Big Man Chink May 1, 2019
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Gamer: Mom I'm Gaming Right now! Can't you see bitch! Mom: Well after you are done "gaming" go downstairs and circumcise your father please, he needs a new pair.
by Pieceofshit43 May 5, 2020
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1) (n) something you play, usually a competitive activity
2) (v) to play a game (see def. 1)
3) (n) an animal that is hunted
4) (n) skill or ability in any game (see def. 1)
5) (int) short for "Game over!"
6) (n) a measure of smoothness with the opposite sex
7) (n) lines or moves you use to get the opposite sex into bed
8) (adv) a state of being willing to do something
9) (n) that thing from that movie "The Game"
1) Drinking Checkers is a shitty drinking game. Beirut is better.
2) I just went to Vegas and got fucked over by the gaming industry.
3) Yo' honor, I didn't mean to shoot that mothafucka in that gang war...I thought he was game, you know, like a deer or some shit.
4) Shaq lost to Aaron Carter in 1-on-1? Damn that fool must have no game at all.
5) 3-pointer at the buzzer...it's good! That's game!
6) You couldn't even get some from Line-em-up Liz? Cracka you must have no game.
7) I broke out the old "You must be from Tennessee" game on the bitch and it worked like a charm.
8) You want to go to the ball game, game at the casino, shoot some game, then work game on some bitches? I'm game.
9) Welcome to the game, Nicky. We're here to make life...fun.
by Nick D March 14, 2003
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