A very fun thing to do, usually done infront of a computer or a tv that has a console in it.
Gaming is very fun, I do it every day
by some guy who lives in a house January 14, 2006
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A word to describe if something you are doing is going well, something is good or awesome, or if you get a banging kill on rainbow six siege.
"Bro that was a sick kill"
"Thanks bro, we're gaming"
by BenisBoysAdmin2 January 16, 2020
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An activity done by people of all ages, regardless of gender, athletic ability, sexual orientation, or 'nerdiness'

A common misconception about gamers from non gamers is that all of them are complete nerds, with no athletic skill, social life, or love life. This statement is untrue, and in fact, most gamer do more social activities in a day than most other people. Another misconception is that gamers are either straight-A geniuses in school, or complete morons, but this is again, untrue. Gamers are just people like you, just with a different hobby. Gaming at a high level takes a serious amount of mental focus and skill.
1)Hey, wanna come over and play some Mortal Kombat X?
2)Yeah, but I have a football game in an hour, so how about at 7?
1)Cool, sounds great
2)Awesome! We'll be gaming in no time
by Billybloopblop July 15, 2015
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Gaming is a hardcore sport, that takes skill, teamwork, dedication, and lots of effort. People who play video games are called "gamers". Not just anyone can be good at video games, and it takes practice and time to be good at a certain game.

NFL Pro Tom Brady: I'm not into gaming, because I have a life and have more important things to do

MLG Pro Walshy: Tom Brady is jealous that I can him in Halo 3, it's obvious I have more of a life than he does, I play video games all day.
by doggyboggyboi April 15, 2009
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Gamer: Mom I'm Gaming Right now! Can't you see bitch! Mom: Well after you are done "gaming" go downstairs and circumcise your father please, he needs a new pair.
by Pieceofshit43 May 6, 2020
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Gaming usually done in front of a screen is playing video games on a computer or console
Yo Steve my job is gaming
by pedo_____ May 22, 2019
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Gaming is a process when a person plays games (no matter which)

It is not necessary to be nerd to be a gamer.

And not every gamer is a non-athletic human.
A: Hey, what are you doing?
B: Just gaming.
A: What?
B: Playing games.
by LonelyPandaxx January 20, 2015
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