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To do your best possible in any endeavor; not just in sports.
Ya'll dudes better come wit it, i mean, bring ya a-game and shit.
by cute4rmday1 September 22, 2005
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a)A player's(or his lesser counterparts) best game, one usually brings his A game when the women are more attractive and therefore a greater challenge. Derived from the letter grade in school, "A"

b)The term can also be used for other definitions of game
a)"didn't get her number?"
"She just didn't see my A game"
"She didn't see your B or C game either."

b)"better bring your A game for the halo tournament"
by vargaszm October 16, 2006
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To be on top of your A game means to be prepared for a hook up. To be shaven, clean, and ready to go.
Liz my A game is amazing tonight! I cant wait to get it in!
by Aslut69 March 17, 2011
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Another name to describe people from Northern Ethiopia, aka the Tigray region.

The word 'Agame' can also be used in the context of someone being stingy/greedy/hungry.
For Example.

Excuse me, can you please be quiet you Agame.

Give me some money you Qomal Agame.
by ERIPOWER May 03, 2010
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To a-game someone: To try it on with a girl.

A persons a-game: Their effort in trying it on OR the person which they are trying to get in with.

a-gaming: Chatting to a girl with the sole purpose of trying to get in their pants.

The A-Game: the art of trying to pull

A-game ON!: an expression used by others when they spot their mate on the a-game
That twat won't stop a-gaming my missus

Look at him, he's blatently on the a-game!
by My name starts with H September 01, 2007
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