The Best song/music video ever. from Michael Jacksons album by the same title. Everyone loves Thriller.
1)Jimmy: Did you learn Thriller in your 'Dance like Michael Jackson' class?
Sam: Heck yea!

2) Zach: why do you like Michael Jackson?
Sam: he made Thriller!
by sam August 24, 2005
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The highest state of pure elevation a human can reach
"on god cuh I've been on that thriller shit"
by Amoori the god February 2, 2021
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1. A famous album by Michael Jackson. The highest-selling album of all time.

2. The song based on the album of the same name. A famed music video was created with it, widely considered to be the greatest music video ever.

3. A genre of books/movies which are meant to keep the reader/viewer excited (on the edge of their seat).
1. Did you hear? They released a 25th anniversary edition of Thriller!

2. Hey, want to listen to Thriller on my I-Pod? No thanks, I'm watching the video on my I-Phone!

3. Have you read Stephen King's latest thriller? I couldn't put it down!
by Sabadaba April 4, 2008
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A genre that is similar to horror and crime, but it lacks scares and frightening content. The genre is more about suspense, psychology, mystery, tension and even drama.

It may have gore, though it's not used in horror fashion where it's intended to scare the shit out of us (a la, Saw & Hostel), but in realism manner - where it's necessary and not forced.

Thrillers tend to be realistic; There is no boogeyman in thrillers. Killers tend to be more human-like, maybe a little mental, and they do not wear masks or anything like that. Most thriller killers have reason to kill others (ransom, revenge, obsession, jealousy, etc). Some may be just psychotic, though not Michael Myers/Jason Vorhees psychotic, but more realistic Norman Bates/Anne Wilkes-psychotic.

Horror films pale in comparison to thrillers, as horrors scare us and give us nightmares (which is annoying, right?), while thrillers give us an adrenalin rush and make us excited, tense and never really scared.

Just a reminder: Action "thrillers" like Speed and Die Hard are just action; there's no need to call them thrillers. It's pretty retarded, really. Same as horror "thrillers" like Halloween and Dawn of the Dead; JUST call them horrors. Since 99% of action and horrors have thriller characteristics like suspense. But that doesn't mean we should call them thrillers when they're not. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN GENRE.
Hitchcock films are thrillers.

Some notable MODERN thriller films include: Panic Room, Red Eye, Buried, Frailty, Phonebooth, Cellular, Joy Ride, Single White Female, The Hitcher, Misery, Identity, The Machinist and Breakdown.
by JACKDEARIPPER October 17, 2010
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When something is fun or cool it can be expressed as being thriller.
Darren: How was your date with Ashley last night?
Tom: I'd have to say it was pretty thriller man.
by itsthompzilla March 24, 2008
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When one is attacked by another with unsecured pants. Usually a shoe is thrown.
Thriller is the mongo's passtime.
by CalamariPancake April 10, 2009
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Thriller is a Fall Out Boy song, from their early 2007 album, Infinity on High. It is their first track from their album and durates for 3:29. The band gave the song this title to honor Michael Jackson's Thriller album. It is one of the most great songs performed by Fall Out Boy. Shame they didn't release this as a single.

A live version from AOL Sessions can be found at Fall Out Boy's "The Take Over, the Breaks Over" single.

In this song, drummer, Andy Hurley used a double-bass pedal.
"Crowds are won and lost and won again but our hearts beat for the diehards" - Thriller, a Fall Out Boy song.
by Aussy W May 21, 2008
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