1.The lifestyle, a brotherhood and sisterhood of being with anything and everything. Having an unleveled state of mind.

2. a question/answer from a member of the wit it crew to another member. in some cases could be asked to an individual showing extraordinary signs of "wititness"
1.Gosh Molly i wish i was a part of the "Wit it Crew"

2. eyy lil brah you wit it? ... im soooo wit it!!
by Mr Wit iT January 26, 2009
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Riker's island term, when an inmate is givin up his commissary / taking beatings on a daily basis
Paco: "Yo, is this nigga down to pop some shit off?"

JosΓ©: "Nah my man, that niggas wit it"
by yankay22 January 11, 2009
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1.wit-it hows a nigga day goin wut u bout to get into
2.to agree
3.to find information from someone
"wassup wit it?" "are u wit it?" "wats ben goin wit u?" "wats new?"
by Reyna April 04, 2005
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witit means get with it.
It is an awesome word because it has the word "wit"
"it" and "tit" in it.
"Gosh darn. Why can't you understand this? get witit"
by #getwitit November 12, 2012
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Taken from Kevin Gates song "wit it" used to describe your commitment to another person.
Jason: Hey, there's supposed to be a ton of hotties at the party tonight! Lets go!

Xavier: Nah, im not interested...me and Leah are wit it.
by Blondgirl90 October 18, 2016
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