the dude man is a human who lives fearlessly and does what he or she feels is right. the dude man accepts people of all likes, dislikes, races, religions, genders, and sexualities. this variety of human moves in on crowded subways, says "excuse me", and will always put the blinker on when driving. the dude man will offer you his/her umbrella in the rain.

the hobbies of the dude man include hanging with friends and family, having sex, drinking, and smoking pot. however he or she uses condoms at all times, does not drink and cry for attention, and will always pass the bowl. this type of human lives in all of us.

when humanity realizes this, there will be no more war, crime, misery, selfishness, stealing, or cheating.
there will only be peace and love.
When we all find our inner dude man, the world will be awesome and traffic won't be so miserable.
by rokkii k March 24, 2011
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in terms of drug dealing; the undisclosed person above your drug dealer as it is common courtesy to not reveal or inquire their identity/name
"did you pick up that pound of bud yet?
"no, dude man hasnt called back"
by dc2 type r March 5, 2008
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A greedy Discord server owner who just wants free Nitro
Me: Hey I think you should focus on making a good quality server instead of getting lots of members
A dude man: No,me want free Nitro
by TripleSuperStar October 21, 2020
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An idiots response to almost everything when you have no intelligent response to hand.
Fred: You pissed all over the floor and slept on it last night.
Chris: (Confused) Dude man!

Gideon: Your a twat!
Chris: Dude man!

Phillipe: I got 50 beers to drink tonight mate!
Chris: Dude man!
by Phillipé Gurados June 25, 2009
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A little known super hero whose super power is the uncanny ability to spit out stupid cliches faster than a speeding bullet.
Yo bogus dude totally rad tight forreal, homey
by Soup Bone April 15, 2005
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Anyone who has too much money and likes to brag about what they have.
"Dude Man, look at my $80,000 boat"
"Dude Man, look at my bitch"
"Dude Man...Dude...Man..."
by thedoodler May 30, 2005
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definition 1: a god of some form.
definition 2: a guy who likes shiba inus a bit too much.
definition 3: a god who likes shiba inus a bit too much.
person 1: I sure hope you praise dude man and all shiba inus.

person 2: Who is that?

person 1: *starts chanting and levitates*
by the real dude man October 21, 2020
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