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the dude man is a human who lives fearlessly and does what he or she feels is right. the dude man accepts people of all likes, dislikes, races, religions, genders, and sexualities. this variety of human moves in on crowded subways, says "excuse me", and will always put the blinker on when driving. the dude man will offer you his/her umbrella in the rain.

the hobbies of the dude man include hanging with friends and family, having sex, drinking, and smoking pot. however he or she uses condoms at all times, does not drink and cry for attention, and will always pass the bowl. this type of human lives in all of us.

when humanity realizes this, there will be no more war, crime, misery, selfishness, stealing, or cheating.
there will only be peace and love.
When we all find our inner dude man, the world will be awesome and traffic won't be so miserable.
by rokkii k March 23, 2011
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-another way of saying dude or man
-usually used to replace tha person's name
yo, Dude man, let's ball

But, dude man!
by Alex September 16, 2004
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in terms of drug dealing; the undisclosed person above your drug dealer as it is common courtesy to not reveal or inquire their identity/name
"did you pick up that pound of bud yet?
"no, dude man hasnt called back"
by dc2 type r March 05, 2008
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This word is quite obviously a mixture of the words dude and man. It takes the "coolness" and the "casualness" and the "chillness" from dude, and it combines it with the "seriousness" and all the other stuff that makes "man" different from dude, all into one word. It is all encompassing, having more "emotional depth" than just "dude" and "man" alone.

Etymology: This word was invented by Drew Nutter, originally used whilst (not while, whilst sounds cooler) talking to his dad, he would call him "dadman man dudeman" (cuz his name is coleman so its like a mix of 'dad' and 'coleman', cuz like theres a 'man' in 'coleman')(actually it wasnt used whilst talking to his dad, its more like thats what i call him when i talk to myself lol)
by Urban Dictionary August 09, 2006
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(n.) - meant to replace the name for a person; substitute for him, dude, nigga, etc.
I was walking down the street and dudeman walking the other way bumps into like a dickhead.
by D Dot Spitz April 30, 2006
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A term describing a complex series of events in which one person ruins a planned social event for several friends by constructing a situation where the friends are waiting on him/her all night. A dudeman has five basic steps as outlined below....
1. Subject is initally indecisive and uncommital about suggested group activity. However the word "no" is never used.
2. The subject weakly agrees to participate in the suggested activity and sets up a situation where others are waiting on him/her.
3. The subject dissappears or doesn't answer the phone for several hours or just until it is too late for all involved to participate in said activity.
4. The subject calls and gives one of the following three excuses....1. Fell asleep, 2. Doing Laundry...3. Fighting with current love interest. Then reveals he is either "tired" or "not feeling well" and has decided to stay home.
5. All those who have been waiting on the subject for several hours become immediately enraged since they have been Dudemanned.
The actual term dudeman is a contraction of "dude" and "man" and was developed by one of the first known and most frequent dudemanners and repeatedly used during step four of his dudemans. ex: "Ahh...dude man, I think I'm just gonna stay in tonight."
We were supposed to go barhopping in the city last night, but Chris dudemanned and nobody ended up going anywhere.
by D. Carsten December 11, 2005
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