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an irish way and hip way of saying house

"lets all go to my gaf"
"gaf party!!"
"free gaf"
"your gaf is huge!"
by sopureirish August 10, 2008
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v. to "give a fuck"
the opposite of dgaf, which means "dont give a fuck"
stated at times when someone really cares about something
"your way late my friend."
"DGAF hard"
"Well i GAF bitch."
by tsanch September 21, 2008
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"Gay as fuck" - A slang abbreviation to describe someone who is extremely homosexual in their appearance, or in what they say.
Girl 1: Does John seem a bit camp to you?
Girl 2: Yeah, he's gaf...
by golligysutton July 11, 2013
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It stands for 'Give A Fuck'.

Used as a way of saying 'I Don't Give A Fuck' (Usually put as DGAF in virtual conversation).
'I got an A in the test today!' 'GAF'
'Are you coming to watch Harry Potter later' 'GAF about Harry Potter'
by JustHereToWriteAboutThis December 13, 2011
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A term used to describe something that is "gay as fuck". Because calling something gay is just not enough. It also avoids using the word "gay" which is now politically incorrect.
"Hey bro, I gotta tell you, your purse and that sweater look gaf together."
by wombatswock April 15, 2009
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