When a chat goes wonky and dialog repeats at odd moments so you can hardly communicate.
Typical backwords:

User 1: Waddup?
User 2: Hey
User 1: Goin to Dave's party?
User 2: Prob
User 1: Cool
User 2: Guess what?
User 1: What?
User 2: Prob
User 1: What?
User 2: Guess what?
User 1: Prob
User 2: wtf?
by palabrajot November 8, 2010
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a promise that is no longer valid now; an outdated promise. Not a misspelling of 'backward'.
Your promise has already become a backword. You are a fibber.
by uttam maharjan August 17, 2010
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1.)When someone attempts to outdo another person by saying they are better at something than the other, when the person who is backwording doesn't really know if they really are.
Janet says she is better at tennis than Maria, and claims she will destroy her. But Janet doesn't really know if Maria is better or worse. When Janet says she is better than Maria, she is considered "backwording"
by T Lake August 22, 2007
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When a guy is sitting and the girl mounts him backwords and rides him like a rodeo bull while he's gripping her hair.
I ride my man like a backword cowboy when having sex.
by Septemberglaze February 20, 2018
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a word that appears backwards in a photo or mirror
My brain can’t make sense of those backwords at this hour.
by Wurmanito July 1, 2020
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Founded in San Diego and spreading to Seattle, this move is perfect for the handling of dirt balls who got some dirty balls.
I saw kyle with his hand down his pants, so I gave him the Backwords High-Five...if you know what I'm saying.
by Benihanas April 2, 2007
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A person who is a backwords loser is the opposite of a loser. Therefore this person is very cool, funny, and extremely handsome. One of the biggest complements you can give someone is to call them a backwords loser.
You are a backwords loser which means your amazingly cool unlike becky :)JK
by New Kid From Maine January 19, 2009
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