Stands for Get Absolutely Fucked

An increasingly popular form of gesturing to another that they have been dominated, vanquished, or otherwise overcome by an undesirable circumstance.

The acronym originated in chat rooms such as discord, and has since grown to be used in gaming settings to indicate that one's opponent has suffered a defeat.
person 1: "I'm about to fail my anatomy test tomorrow."
person 2: "GAF."
by onetwo-three January 15, 2021
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A word popularized by the Facebook group Dad Nation.

Find a mirror and spell it backwards
“You’re a Gaf. “
“Yeah. The biggest gaf you know. “
by Smithd33 March 15, 2019
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v. to "give a fuck"
the opposite of dgaf, which means "dont give a fuck"
stated at times when someone really cares about something
"your way late my friend."
"DGAF hard"
"Well i GAF bitch."
by tsanch September 22, 2008
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Gay as Fuck...........
Yo, that dude is GAF
by Gerrit Murray February 10, 2008
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Hey bruno, can i touch yo dick. Yeh bro, thats GAF!
by DIRTY BOLLOCKS June 23, 2017
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It stands for 'Give A Fuck'.

Used as a way of saying 'I Don't Give A Fuck' (Usually put as DGAF in virtual conversation).
'I got an A in the test today!' 'GAF'
'Are you coming to watch Harry Potter later' 'GAF about Harry Potter'
by JustHereToWriteAboutThis December 13, 2011
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Give a Fuck, usually towards things such as school, drama, etc

Term created by @13yourmom
I failed that test, oh well. I don't GAF anyways.
by non GAFFER April 22, 2013
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