To be "On the pad" means that someone, usually in law enforcement or other position of authority, regularly takes bribes.
Detective Dolan was kicked off the force because he had been on the pad to local wiseguys for years.
by Hashim R. Hathaway March 3, 2007
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Your house or room.
"Hey baby. Let's go back to my pad for some action."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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Shots or even scenes which are pointless besides making the film longer.
by Adam January 4, 2004
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A cotton like material that women wear when they are on their period. It should be changed often.
Oh god! Jennifer you smell like a diaper! Go change your pad
by anaonymous April 4, 2005
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Pass As Deadstock.
Usually refferred to sneakers or street wear when described as "look like never used".
Seller: Nike air max size 10

Buyer: Condition?
Seller: PADS
by SneakerHype October 27, 2017
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Fluffing your post count with pointless response in a message board.
Jackskeleton is just padding his post count in the word association thread.
by xavier j. November 27, 2003
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The act of wearing a pad or tampon without being on your period, as a precaution just in case the flow begins while out in public.
Girl: Dammit, my period was due on Thursday. If I keep padding like this I'll run out when it finally comes.
by Kitty Pockets June 27, 2009
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