To be "On the pad" means that someone, usually in law enforcement or other position of authority, regularly takes bribes.
Detective Dolan was kicked off the force because he had been on the pad to local wiseguys for years.
by Hashim R. Hathaway March 3, 2007
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Your house or room.
"Hey baby. Let's go back to my pad for some action."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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Shots or even scenes which are pointless besides making the film longer.
by Adam January 4, 2004
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Pass As Deadstock.
Usually refferred to sneakers or street wear when described as "look like never used".
Seller: Nike air max size 10

Buyer: Condition?
Seller: PADS
by SneakerHype October 27, 2017
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1: To be put in and made to wear diaper. Usually after an extended period of utilizing more age-appropriate, less protective undergarments. A source of major embarrassment, or fetish fuel, depending on the victim.

2: Describes ones waist while in a diapered state. Can also describe the affects of any bra or underwear used to accentuate ones assets in a similar, if less protective, manner.
Guy 1: Hey, its that woman I met yesterday! She seemed oddly evasive when I tried to talk to her.

Guy 2: She's obviously embarrassed to be out in public. You would be to if you'd been padded.

The girl walked down the street as the townsfolk ogled her padded rear.
by NoNamedFish August 26, 2009
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The entirely heterosexual act of copulating with other males in order to increase one's 'body count'. This has been popularised lately due to the 'modern woman' having an intrinsic repulsion to virginic males.

(Note: In the contemporary dating scene, a body count below 17 is widely considered to be 'sub-incel numbers' and is described by many as a form of C&B torture.)

There are many sexual benefits to padding. These include:
Confidence boost, penis confidence boost, better posture, better thrusting technique and power, ashwaganda, and on-demand BJs.

Several peer-reviewed papers have come forth with conclusive evidence that performing fellatio on a male penis corresponds with improved cunnilingus proficiency by up to 15%. World renowned pussyologist Dr Pussymandias famously stated:

"Yo, if yuh OPE/H oral penile ejaculations per hour index high, dat mean seh yuh know how fi please di Female Sexual Organs real good. Di two a dem have a strong link, yuh see me?" (note: Dr Pussymandias has recently had his academic and professional wrestling titles stripped for LARPing as a Jamaican man.)
Ani: "Have you guys seen Alvin? I haven't seen him lately."
Niraj: "Nah mayne, I ain't even seen my own ass ASSHOLE since last year. An I ain't even gay!"
Ani: "Erm... I'm going to ignore that. Can you answer my question?"
Niraj: "Aint he yo boyfriend? Shiiiiet, I may have hit dat plump ass ass myself..."
Ani: "The last thing I heard him mutter under his breath was something to do with padding."
Niraj: "Bredda... bredda..."
Ani: "I looked it up on Urban Dictionary and found something about sticking tampons to walls... I am at my wits end."
Niraj: "Bredda the only thing getting Urbanly Dicked is your mans. He's getting DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICKED."
Ani: "Erm... isn't that gay?"
Niraj: "Actually no, that is a misconception. He is merely painstakingly investing in his sexual marketplace value in order to be half the man you always wanted him to be."
Ani: "That sounds quite ga-"
Ani: *sucks own pussy*
Niraj: *goes bollocks-on-the-wall insane*

Alvin: "I am having sex with men in order to increase my body count :) this is called padding."

The End
by BoganBumfucker March 30, 2023
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A cotton like material that women wear when they are on their period. It should be changed often.
Oh god! Jennifer you smell like a diaper! Go change your pad
by anaonymous April 5, 2005
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