Get Down To Fuck or Get The Fuck Out

Pretty self-explanatory. A variation of "Tits or GTFO" and "DTF" (Down to Fuck).
P: i asked a korean girl to lunch :(
B: date? 
B: pls don't be friendly
P: i dunno
B: gdtf or gtfo :(
by Bangkok Express September 2, 2009
when your in starbucks but your broke af so you just steal the straws and GTFO
mum:okay young jim lets pick up the straws and GTFO
by d3rp October 13, 2015
When a female enters into a male safe space and subsequently announces her presence, "tits or gtfo" is a commonly used response by males to protect their space and avoid being "triggered."

The term signifies that the female in question should either reveal their breasts or promptly leaves the premises. This is necessary in order to demonstrate that she represents no psychological or physical threat to men, which is necessary due to the gynocentric society we currently live in.

Alternately the aforementioned males may simply adopt the feminist approach and scream "triggered" in a hysterical tone and run around, hopefully tripping, falling, and doing irreparable harm to themselves-in order to fully replicate the feminist response.
Please, thou showest thy tits or thou shalt leaveth immediately, tits or gtfo
by kek-lord August 11, 2016
Shut The Fuck Up,Get The Fuck Out Noob
Used to get someone out or stop talking
Eric: Hey guys do your math homewrok?
by HackerHippo October 29, 2007
1. When someone has been insulted and has nothing to say.

2.Sometimes used to interrupt someone when they are saying something rude or you just don't care
1.Person A "Hey dude your such a NerfHer--"

Person B "gtfo my waffle!"

2.Person A "Hey today I saw the coolest--"

Person B "gtfo my waffle!!"
by GtfoMyWaffleNoob April 4, 2010
Code for your friend to kindly tell a ladyfriend to GTFO
Me: Hey Charlie, tell her to GTFO.

Charlie: Madam, I think it is time you retire... so GTFO.
by DaBIGdawgy July 14, 2011
The failed creation when a drunk meth head hobo has sex with a hooker and the condom breaks.
GTFO im pro has earned the title of legendary nab. the whore have extended their favor!
by Milligrams September 7, 2010