1. A phrase used, generally to express the ugerncy of the situation, in which the need to leave has arisen.

2. Also used as an attempt to deter unwanted persons.

The less acceptable version of Get the Flip Out

Abbrev.- GTFO
1. Man pulls a gun in store. Bystander: "Holy hell, a gun, Get the Fuck Out!"

2. Two people are having intercourse, and a third enters the room. Couple:" Get the FUCK OUT."
by HtheBoss June 15, 2009
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3rd definition... "Get the fuck out" can mean that something is unbelievable, shocking. You've just received very bad news.
"Get the fuck out" defined; For example you say, "John Lennon was just shot" and your friend replies "Get the fuck out". Very similar to You've got to be shitting me
by Katrina Nelo April 14, 2019
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When someone has something very stupid to say or show to you, also can be used if someone makes a statement & thinks they are right when in fact they are totally wrong, resulting in the following phrase.
Drew: I would totally smoke weed with my kids, that would be awesome!

Joseph: Drew!! Get the fuck out!!!!

(Much funnier if yelled extremely loud.)
by ILuvDesireee February 18, 2013
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-"I heard that Luigi got killed in a shootout"
-"Get the fuck out of here! Luigi is the best gunslinger around"
by Doc Mitchell January 12, 2011
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The proper response to someone who has overstayed their welcome.
-What time is it?
-It's Get The Fuck Out O'Clock.
by Barbie T September 9, 2010
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when one person wishes to eject another person out of a room during an intense conversation in an awkward housing situation.
by district J July 6, 2010
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