Slang term meaning that one is just willing to have sex. It's like having a friend with benefits. Just make sure the participating members are clean and use as much birth control as possible.
Penny was a girl who was always "down to fuck". We had so much fun together. I hope her birth control lasts!
by TheSpectacularOne November 22, 2009
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Down as fuck. Down to do anything. Crazy minded. Willing to do anything crazy.

Ready to fight.

Gang in Palmdale California.
I'm down as fuck. To go fight the other gang.
I'm down as fuck to drink all night.
by Tony Hurtado December 22, 2018
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something or someone extremely cool or awsome
that show tonight was down as fuck

that girl is down as fuck
by hellomoto575 August 1, 2008
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Look at that retard across the bar.... "she's downs to fuck"
by Skeelz September 24, 2017
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radical the best and exciting sweeet.
dam that hot box sesh was down as fuck
by bape$$ta July 23, 2008
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When someone quits or is fired suddenly. They may also have their time cards, office or badge labled with the acronym DTFR.
Why does Mike's time card have DTFR on it?

Oh, he did not show up for his shift so the supervisor marked him as "down the fucking road"
by edguyer February 24, 2009
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When you're intoxicated and aren't just down to fuck, but you're wasted and just about anything will do.
John was out on Friday night and slept with a cougar who was Drunk And Down To Fuck. God bless alcohol!!!!
by dadtf March 17, 2009
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