Tits or Get The Fuck Off. A term used when trying to get a girl to flash you. Usually on Chat Roulette, Omegle, I-Chat, and Skype.
Henry: Hey Rosie.
Rosie: Hey how are you?
Henry: Tits or GTFO
Rosie: Offline
by thehwoo October 22, 2010
Standing for 'Get The Fuck Out Mother-Fucker'
I Hate This House

by cheekeeboi09 July 20, 2009
what desperate retarded fucks with nothing better to do say when they are on chatroulette or omegle. these guys are the kind that are never gonna get any in their lives so they resort to these kind of websites in desperate hopes of seeing what they would never get to see in real life. most of the girls who are actually stupid enough to show their tits are nothing more than attention whores.
group of desperate fags on chatroulette: tits or GTFO!!!!!

*girl leaves*

desperate fags: awww why are none of these girls showing us their tits? i swear we have same problem in real life. lets click next maybe some insecure attention whore will show us some rack.

*clicks next to see some dude jerking off"
by twittersucksthed October 18, 2010
The small time gap between safety and danger. Can be used to define how long you have before someone turns angry, or before a fight breaks out or just for Shits and giggles when playing chap door, run.
Person 1: I just split with my girlfriend.
Person 2: sorry to hear that dude, how did she take it?
Person 1: don't know yet, waiting for her to reply.
Person 2: wait, you didn't do it to her face? You got maybe a 20 second gtfo period before she hunts you down dude.
by dts94 January 22, 2013
1. Gimme tits or gtfo!

2. Often mentioned when a "noob" post is being made. Also in regards to reinforcing one's stand on a matter, as in expression "Take it or leave it"
1. Post some tits, bitch, or get the f**k off this thread.

2. I have made my stand clear. Now, tits or gtfo.
by zealotus December 8, 2010
Facebook or GTFO!
–verb (used without object)
1. Abbr. FBORGTFO.

()GTFO: An internet acronym short for "get the fuck out".

A)The common practice to unintentionally or intentionally lead someone of the opposite or same sex into believing you wish to engage in intercourse- resulting in requesting their Facebook name for the mere purpose of articulating attention for future usage.

B)Basically; you don't care about having intercourse with someone of the opposite or same sex because you get enough attention to satisfy your needs. But because you like the attention the person you just met is giving you, you don't want to seem shallow by just leaving- so you ask for their Facebook name and continue to talk and flirt online. Which could than result in scheduling future dates.

C) You meet someone for the first time and after sufficient flirting, you want their Facebook name so you can leave and mingle with other people.

Note: A common defensive practice against Skanks, Sluts and Bitches Hoes.
Facebook or GTFO:
*Male sees attractive female at bar*
Attractive Male: Hey, Can I ask your Name?
Attractive Female: Hey yeah, its ______
*Male & Female engage in small talk which involves flirting*

*At some point Male feels he's spending to much time with just one person and wants to mingle with other people*

Attractive Male: I have to get going, may I add you to facebook?
Attractive Female: Yeah sure!
*Female gives First and Last name*
Attractive Male: Hey thanks, I'll see you soon

*Male leaves to find other girls to talk to*
by DeaconRage November 4, 2008
Take care or GTFO! A common phrase used by Blind users as your personal health is all they care about.
*Blind user 1 created a poll: What is the most prestigious prestige?
Blind user 2 (in the comment): TC or GTFO
Blind user 1: Thanks! I'll take care of myself 😊
by marseylover August 9, 2022