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Short for Green New Deal, progressive policies to create jobs by investing in green technology and infrastructure to counter global climate change.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders support the GND to create jobs and modernize US infrastructure and respond to global climate change.
by GrammarTexan December 13, 2018
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"girl next door"
A guy slang for a cute, sweet, innocent, young looking female

"Much like the neighborhood girl("next door")you grew up with when you were a kid"

"she's definitely gnd with a nasty side!"
by Berrington October 10, 2006
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Good Night Dick
The dick that is given to thirsty women before they go to bed. Some women are unable to sleep properly without it.
"Hey, Where did Melody go?"
"I think she went to get some GND."
by Vascular August 23, 2014
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