Feeeeeeeeeeel The Buuuuuuuurrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn!
Imma Bernie Sanders your Life.
by ~Nyah~ January 24, 2017
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In my opinion, he's among the most underrated presidential candidates of the 2016 presidential race - if most Democrats were smart enough to pick him, Trump probably wouldn't have been elected President.

He was a good man at heart, and you could tell he really wanted equality amongst Americans, unlike other candidates, who just wanted to divide us using fear.

This man would create subsidized education, allowing children to go to college at no cost to the parents. Imagine how much he could've reshaped our generations to come.
Man #1: Hey, who'd you vote for?
Man #2: Trump - Hillary is way too crooked.
Man #1: What about Bernie Sanders?
Man #2: Come to think of it, I probably would've voted for Bernie if he was on the ballot in place of Hillary!
by Turd III January 26, 2018
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" Damn i hope clinton wins!!" "nah m8 i want america to be cool again, Bernie Sanders 2016!"
by UR mums nickers February 19, 2016
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person 1: "Hey man, did you see that new Bernie Sanders meme?"
person 2: "Idk there is too many to keep track of"
by fried.butter.on.a.stick January 29, 2021
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An awesome Vermonter. 46th president of the United States. Liberal democrat that wants to empower everyone, not just the 1%.
Vote Bernie Sanders 2020!
by Gaydepressedanddead February 6, 2020
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