Oh my god! A new iPhone came out! GHI!
by The he November 6, 2011
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Phrase, short for (gotta have it);used
as a modifier.

GHI can also stand for gotta have it culture,gotta have it mode,or any other word ending.
We live in a GHI obsessed society where impulse buying is the norm,especially with the advent of Internet commerce.
by Boggler March 18, 2004
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Girl Hotness Index. Used to measure the general hotness of girls at parties.
Boy: Bruh, bruh, bruh da GHI @ dat parteh iz lyk a solid 8!
Other Boy: How are you spelling so badly, you're speaking!
by David McDavidson January 20, 2014
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An acronym for "Gooch Heat Index". Refers to the metric of warmth emanating from the perineum of an individual or individuals. While primarily applicable to the the female gooch, GHI is measurable within male members of the mammalian species.
Steven (while being spooned by Carol): Babe, is that you?
Carol: Yeah. Sorry, my GHI off the charts today!
by Zero_Class November 4, 2018
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while in a silly mood one might say the word "ghi" in place of "gay".
omg this map is sooooooo GHI!!!
by Steve_the_rad March 25, 2005
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An international school in Israel that brings students from different countries to study the IB program, and the Israeli- Palestinian conflict

also referred to as EMIS 2.0 or Better EMIS
Jake: you wanna go study at EMIS?
Mike: no, I prefer to go to GHIS
by urikdaffy April 9, 2019
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Yorkshire term, originates from scholes village in Rotherham meening fat guy, sometimes the words iberdi aberdi come before to make the sentence complete

iberdi aberdi ghi boita! x
by jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn343343 August 3, 2011
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